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Why do guys call girls ugly even it they're not?

Ok, I know that when some guys think a girl is ugly they will be a jerk and just tell her to her face. But I've also heard that sometimes guys will... Show More

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  • Yeah, happened to me too in elementary school and middle school. The same boys who called me ugly also ended up sheepishly handing me valentines. They get better by high school, haha.

What Guys Said 2

  • it is a form of sarcasm, and at the more flirtatious ages. guys do it to tease a girl, but most would only do it to a girl that they liked who they were sure knew that she was pretty / that they were joking. It is meant for the girl to interpret it as the guys calling them cute without actually having to say so.

  • ugly is relative and objective. I wouldn't call a girl ugly if I were flirting with her, that's like one of the things you just don't do.

What Girls Said 2

  • Well, when guys say that around that age, I think it's to hide the fact that they like you and make it not seem so obvious while trying to appear cool. Guys around elementary and middle school are still very young and don't really know how to express themselves or their emotions very well, and so they say things that can be or come off as really mean just to get a girl to notice them. Or it could be that they are immature jerks who like picking on girls.

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