Why are men intimidated by women with strong personalities?

So my best friend and I were hanging out with a bunch of her male friends a few days ago. Later today she said that one of them didn't feel comfortable around me. I asked her why and thought that I had offended someone. She said that he thought that I was very vocal about my opinions on certain things and that a girl should be a little modest. I didn't swear in any of the convos as I'm not a potty mouth and I can' understand what he meant by saying that a girl should be 'modest'. I mean you ask me for an opinion and I give it to you only to get the backlash of him being intimidated by me.

I find this really annoying in guys. Was I supposed to say nothing and sit there with a stupid look on my face while they have a discussion? Well he should be afraid because now I'm quite annoyed with him.

Anyway.has this happened to anyone?


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  • First off he is no man. Any male that tells you to be modest is only trying to compensate for his insecurity. I love a woman that speaks her mind. It keeps things fun and interesting. Consider yourself a truly blessed gift among women because you have a strong personality. Lots of women have no substance. And if they are arrogant and vain because they think they are the hottest thing ever.yikes.that makes things worse. I'd rather my life with a woman that's an average looking person with a strong personality than a super hot chick that's either a total asshole, or a clueless idiot. I'm a highly educated man and I need that outlet in a relationship. I love talking to the girl I'm with. intellectual connectivity with a female is a big turn on to me!. and most women I've dated like the fact that I'm open to converse about all kinds of stuff. a little debate and disagreement is healthy and nice as well! Never ever change who you are because of one jerk. This world is packed wall-to-wall with clueless, mindless, apathetic idiots. Live your life the way you want. And never stop using your mouthpiece!, don't be modest girl! . unless your a crazy feminist chick, that has a mullet hair cut and wants to cut off men's johnson's in wal mart parking lots with a few of her tobacco chewing oil working roustabout chick pals, then you might want to be a little more modest for legal reasons. good luck- make good choices- j

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      LOL absolutely loved your feedback. it's just hard to find guys who can be equally stimulating in a convo. sometimes I find myself walking in and out of a convo not because I'm not interested but because I keep hearing the same thing over and over again. and when I do say something they're not used to hearing from a girl it's like all of a sudden everyone's got that 'omg I can't believe she just said that' look. *sigh*

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      Awww...yeah at the moment I'm steering clear of guys around my age. there's nothing wrong with them except that I can't seem to find one mature enough to hold a lasting convo with. it's painfully difficult. some people are satisfied going to a movie whereas I would love to go to the museum, attend a classical music concert or just walk on the beach and talk endlessly about anything.

      i also for some reason get mistakened for being older than I really am and not because of my looks either. strange

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      It's not strange. You are what the holland project describes as one of the "thinkers" in society. I fall into this category as well. and sadly, the dating pool for me here is like the lottery- a few winners...and a whole shitload of losers. I think it's a smart move to get away from the little boys your age. It will get harder to find a person who stimulates you mentally. Girls here are busy packing into night clubs to act snobbish and gangsta. I want no part of it.