Why did this guy contact me after 3 months of no talking?

So I met this guy from a dating site back in December. I felt comfortable with him, so I stayed the weekend with him though it wasn't intended as that at first. He even bought all my food that weekend even though I insisted I had money. I left and he told me to let him know when I'd be in town again cause I was planning on moving back to the area soon for a job. I didn't have a job at that point in the area, but I was looking (I ended up getting a job a month later). I didn't really hear from him much after that. He im'ed me briefly on Facebook and we talked for about 2 mins, and I told him not to be such a stranger. 3 months later he pokes me on Facebook. 3 months of no talking what-so-ever. No "hi, how are you doing?" Nothing. So I'm like, okay, wtf? I honestly thought I'd never hear from him again. I message him and say, long time no talk. He messages me back and says, "I know, what the hell! How's it been going?" so I reply and say surely he isn't surprised that it's been so long since we've talked cause he just kinda stopped talking to me. Then I told him how I was.

I noticed back in January this girl was leaving messages on his wall saying how she loved spending time with him and loved him, etc. I'm pretty sure it's his ex. Though his Facebook has said single the whole time.

I'm just not sure why he would decide to contact me after all this time. When I did visit him there was nothing sexual. Never kissed, held hands or anything. I even slept in the same bed as him and nothing happened. He had even offered to sleep on the couch. So no one can say "he wants a booty call" cause that's not the case. It's not even like we were super close friends and he wanted to get back in touch with me. I knew the dude for about 2-3 weeks. I expect most guys to just blow you off and never talk to you again, though his actions confuse me. So I'm sitting here thinking, why me?


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  • If I'd spent the weekend with a girl...hell a guy for that matter, I would surely not wait for three days to have ANY kind of response "hey it was great", "let's do that again" or something like that..it's called basic politeness..And if it doesn't happen, at least I'd have a decent answer for if the girl is coming back at me first..

    Looks to me like the guy doesn't really know what he wants and/or very insecure (the whole couch thing doesn't mean...he's still a guy, but okay maybe he was too shy or even too respectful indeed towards you...*then*). I guess we all make mistakes but I'd wait it out (if you're interested in this guy) to see how he's approaching you the following days, but I would not show too much interest from your side at first.

    If he's shy, he'll be shy enough to in time show you he like to keep in touch

    If he's uninterested, he'll keep doing this for a couple of times just for the sake of the "hunting" part that we guys have..which makes me think it's better to keep a (small) distance from him to see how he reacts..

    • He had told me to text him when I got home, so I did. We sent a few texts back and forth, but nothing like our usual. Two or three days later I sent him a casual "Hey, I haven't really heard from you.." sort of text. He said he had been really busy. Then a few days later he im'ed me and we talked for like 2 mins. That was the last I heard from him til this week. To me it seems like I wasn't that interesting/important to not talk to for 3 months. Or that I was second rate.

    • Okay I may have been to extreme maybe earlier sorry bout that.

      Like you said though, it was nothing like the usual - now if that was the first real live meeting, that is pretty normal. Both you and he had to redraw their virtual picture of the other no matter how many pix are out there.Possibly he's rather sensitive and it may have blown him off a bit? I wouldn't go too far therefore yet to say you're not interesting, but if you think he's shy, tell him you're confused. And wait for a reaction

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  • Maybe he's just plain busy. Maybe he was involved with someone else atthe time. Take this as flattery, not some sort of put down.

    Isn't it a little exciting to wonder what will happen now?

  • I don't think he did anything wrong. I don't think you've done anything wrong.

    I've actually been through the exact same thing with a girl. I was in your shoes and went to go visit her a few hours from where I live. Same thing unfolded. Didn't have sex, had a nice saturday and left on sunday went home, chatted a few times on FB, but no plans to do more. Stopped talking for a few months, then bam, out of the blue she emails me and is interested in may-be trying to get together again. Although, I had to decline cause I was starting to get involved with someone else.

    So... may-be at the time you guys met, it was nice to hang out with someone, but no other intention was there. Then over the next 3 months there was other stuff going on in his life. Then he was available and may-be bored, may-be just wanted to see if he could spark things up again?

    • Would you talk to someone on the phone EVERY night for 1-2 hours for a week if you just wanted to "hang out"? I wouldn't. Cause that's a waste of time to me.

    • Talking on the phone EVERY night for 1-2 hours for a week? Did you mention that anywhere else but here? Because I missed that. Anyway, weren't you guys long distance in the beginning? How else is there to get to know someone better if you can't be right next to them? Interwebz or phone right? May-be texting?

  • He has no idea what you want and yet he wants you. Do you communicate to him in person what you have in this blog. I assume you have a wait and see approach and expect himn to guess what your about and it seems there is no way he can know that. he treated you with respect and interest and you judged him for not being forward after suggesting you did not like him showing interest. If I wer him I would think you either wanted a casual relationship or wanted just to be friends. Its NOT up to a man to make moves and ou to have veto over what he tries with you or not but for YOU to communicate what you expect and want. Obviously other women have done more communicating to him what they think then you have with him. Yet he is still contacting you so now up to you to take risks he already has so he canhave veto rights over your actions and words too.

  • I would say that Facebook prompted the poke, and he had forgotten about you. That being the case, it is most likely just a friend thing. Keep in mind that from my point of view, you did not contact him either.. unless that is something you failed to mention. So no love lost on either side.

    Maybe if there had been sexual contact on that first weekend, he might have made a bigger effort, but then again, maybe not. Men are men.

    Good Luck,


    • I did not contact him again because I didn't hear from him for 3 days after we met up, but that was because *I* texted him. He claimed he was busy. Yeah right, no one is THAT busy. Then he im'ed me on Facebook and I told him not to be such a stranger. Never heard from him again til he poked me on Facebook so I messaged him to see what his deal was.

  • Maybe just a guy who wants to take things slow...Why not give him a chance?

    • It's called an emotional rebound... I use 'em all the time

    • How can you be so sure that's what's happening? A lot of other possible explananations.

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  • I know you keep asking "why you" and you keep saying you didn't have sex with him but getting in a guys bed is a step closer to sex. You'd be amazed on how they can break that stuff down. I mean if he is talking to another girl and she doesn't get in his bed, which girl did he get further with? Especially if you were only talking to him for a week and were willing to get in bed. I know in a world where so many women have sex on the first date sleeping in a bed seems like nothing. But to a guy who isn't getting any physical contact, it is a lot.

    You sound like you have it all worked out already. He was looking for a girl on a dating website, you guys talked for a little bit, stayed together a few days, then he wasn't interested cause his ex becomes an option and he wasn't emotionally attached to you yet, so he didn't keep talking to you. Now his ex is out of the picture and he thought "Hey Punchxcore was nice." I really do think you know what is happening. I just think you need to decide whether you want to get over the insult. He didn't contact you and it was a jerky thing to do. So now you have to go from there realizing it is still really casual to him and he may do it again. If you are cool with that, then contact him. If you don't want to risk another slight, then I wouldn't contact him anymore.

  • i agree with most of the girls here, I think he basically was just looking for a "f**buddy" at the moment, maybe he is not the kind that does the first move, and that's why you guys didn't have sex that weekend. And now well that he has no other girl, he remembered you. Just an advice don't sell yourself short, show him that you won't be there only when he feels like it, or when he needs company. Even if you're not, tell him you're really busy, why can he be the "really busy one" as -martyfellow- said that's plain bullsh*t no person can be so busy to even text a "hi" or something. We have the only option to learn from our mistakes, and show him that to you he was just a whatever guy and that he is "so last season" now.

    • The thing is, I never gave him any signs that I wanted to have sex with him. We talked on the phone every day for like a week, so I felt he was pretty interested in me and not just as a friend. Cause I don't talk to my friends on the phone every day for an hour to two hours. I'm not going to discount him yet; I'm gonna see what he has to say as to why he disappeared for so long with not even a "hi"

  • Well you met on a dating site so he probably wanted to move on with his life. When you spent the weekend with him he probably enjoyed your company but the ex was still on his mind. He then probably decided to see her again, and then something happened that proved they broke up for a reason, and he is now contacting you again to see if you two can rekindle something. If nothing happened when you spend the weekend at his house, maybe he just wants to be friends again, who knows. I say give it go.

  • Okay, my guess is that he had just broken up with his ex and wasn't looking for anything serious. That's way he didn't make a move on you because he was still hung up on his ex and he didn't want to feel like he was disrespecting his ex by hooking up with you and he didn't want to hurt you by leading you on when he was clearly not over his ex. Ex's come back after a month or two of a break up and that's usually just to see how the other person is and depending on how they are or how the breakup was they don't really want to hear they've moved on, or they want them back. You just had the rotten luck of bad timing. I'm betting through those months of no talking he was trying to work things out with her. I'm sure he's genuinely interested in you and just wants another poke at you.

    You could just... you know... ASK. You are capable of communicating with another individual. "Her what gives? I spend a night with you and we hit it off and then I don't hear from you for months. Now you've decided to pop back in. What's with the time gap?"

  • Either he does wants to initiate you into the f*** buddy club, or he's contacting you because he's bored. Sorry, I don't think he's very interested.

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