Today my boyfriend hit me...

We had gotten into an argument about my ex-boyfriend who recently began trying to contact me again. I, honestly, have been ignoring my ex's texts and calls because don't love him anymore and I truly do love my current boyfriend. however my current boyfriend did not believe me. we got into a heated argument and I got up to leave the room and he reared back his fist and punched me, I fell back and hit my head on the corner of the table and blacked, out, when I came to I was laying on the couch and he was sitting on the ottoman crying and when he saw that I was awake he stated apologizing like crazy. my head was bloody and my lip was split. I don't know what to make of this...advice?

Thank you everyone for your wonderful advice. I'm pleased to say that I did report the incident and file charges and he was arrested. I am no longer with him and I opened up to close friends about the incident have gotten nothing but unconditional support
again, thank you

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  • Tell your family... get support from them and leave him... I know you love him but that isn't always the reason to stay. Be strong and stay strong... ditch your mobile phone number and get a new one... have other people answer any phones (he knows the number of) for them to tell him that you've gone away or something, and avoid seeing his face completely, get a trespass order, the pain and love will fade I promise you.. may take a while considering the time you have spent together... (usually half the time) People leave others even when they love them because it is not practical to stay... he needs to know never to hit another woman ever again, and if you are to stay that is not a lesson learned... he can do all the pleading he wants but that's only through the fear of losing you.. not because he didn't want to hurt you... if that was the case he would not of hit you in the first place. With love comes trust... and acceptance.

    Even if the chances were that you did still like you ex... so what?! He has got to learn how to deal with his emotions way better... he's got an iron fist and he should know when to use it and who to use it on... it's for protection not hitting your girlfriend when he gets that pinch of jealousy.

    99% chance it will happen again if you stay and you will feel the fool and it will kill your self esteem.

    Many woman don't leave and eventually destroys all or most of who they are.. don't be a sad statistic. Take it from me I have met these women and this is how it starts.

    I'm so sorry about it anyhow and it must have hurt emotionally and physically really bad.. you are not and don't feel protected by you boyfriend with obvious reasons.. no more pain... you can get the love you need from another and not get hurt like this. I am so sorry gal... it's hard... but please leave!

    • Well said.

    • Leave without warning... please don't tell him... it will only make things worse... he won't need an explanation... he will already know.

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  • Cut his f***ing d*** off! No mercy for woman beaters.

  • Jeepers Creepers! I glad you did what was necessary and that you're now doing well.

  • Although he obviously regretted it badly, chances are if he did it once he'll do it again. Hitting your girl is never ok imo, no matter what the excuse.

    • Maybe or maybe not, he can hit you again,but,

      I think you should leave him.

  • he was getting jealous. jealous leads to anger. I'm sure he loves you he just lost control over jealousy

    • Lovers are never jealous of each other.They understand, have faith.

  • Good to see everything worked out- good luck with your future endeavors of love :)

  • Awesome! I'm glad to hear that!

  • Two things:

    If you love your current boyfriend you must cut off all communications with your ex-boyfriend, you have created a grey area and males don't like grey areas, they are just too open and flexible, you need to protect your relationship and give him confidence in you, after all it is the female who sets the boundries and if you create these grey areas other males will try to penetrate more than just your relationship.

    Your current boyfriend reacted very poorly, he handled a situation with brute force, if you think about it, this would have never gone that far if proper boundries had been set by you with other males, be correct and clear about whom you want in your life, I believe it was him who punched you, I also believe it was him who picked you up, briught you to the couch and felt incredibly guilty and sorry for what he had done, you must also set boundries in your own relationship, hitting a woman or a man is not acceptable in a relationship, when things go down to that level there has clearly been a breakdown in communication.

    Thisnk! if he was in contact with another woman and didn't want to cut it off and made you feel insecure, would you want to skin him alive?

    There is an old saying, "The Golden Rule" "Do unto other as you would hvae others to do unto you"

    Take a quiet moment and grow from this!

    Good luck and all the best to you!

    • Wow seriously how is it her fault at all that he didn't have the self control to handle things in a better way? I'm thinking you have probably done a little woman beating yourself to defend it so strongly! I think she did the right thing! some people have trust issues that have nothing to do with how their partner is acting at all! you should never give adivce in this catagory ever again!!!!!

    • You're a moron

    • I know the "Politically Correct" will hone in on the physical abuse and want you to call the police and have him arrested, OK! do it! this will not change or correct the problem, in your next relationship you will see that the same action will get a similar reaction, and after all if your boyfriend at the time doesn't react in a demonstrative manner, you will not think he loves you. All I'm saying is look within your self, and ask, what are you doing that causes that type of reaction in others.

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  • Here's what to make of it:

    With your ex boyfriend - If you want him to leave you alone, don't just ignore him; Tell him.

    - We men are very territorial when it's someone we care about. If you don't tell him, you're leaving the door open for jealousy issues and drama (But hopefully not physical violence)

    With your current boyfriend - Both you and him are scar'd for a while. Your bruises and trust are scar'd; but his trust and ego is damaged. No real man wants to hit his girlfriend; it's likely that this all happened due to the heated debate.

    With the situation: GET THE @#$% OUT OF THE HOUSE

    Look.. I'm not trying to "smash" on anyone; but sitting around is the same as patting him on the back: "I still love you john, it's okay"... Bullsh*t! The dude socked you in the face hard enough to make you black out.

    You may not be a fragile girl; I get that. But if you don't plant your foot down, no one will. He needs to realise in his head that this doesn't need to happen. Socking a wall is a better alternative. If the panzy wants to hit women, his ass should go to jail; no offence to your boyfriend - I just flat out don't tolerate it until certain "limits" have been met (Like if she has her hand around my kid's throat)

    Right now you need to think deeply - Are you gonna sit around and get smacked about just because you're avoiding your ex? It doesn't make a dime of sense to me and here you are still recovering from the crap probably to this month.

    I can only hope and pray that you're one of the smart women that find a new boyfriend.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Dud, she did try to leave. I don't balm her in thinking that wasn't successful. besides she did resolve it the right way in the end.

  • leave him this isn't ok. it will only get worse. what's gonna happen when he gets black out drunck and angry. he needs to go to counceling and you need to move on.

  • Wow.

    This is serious. Only you can decide how to handle this, but I think this does not sound like a healthy relationship.

    In his defense, it sounds like this guy does truly regret what he did, so he's not exactly some serial rapist who is stalking you, he's not like an evil monster or anything, he's a guy who got mad and did something he can't take back. On the other hand... damn. He hit you. He not only hit you, he hit you really hard.

    Honestly I do not think there is any salvaging this relationship. He made a HUGE mistake, I mean if he can't control his anger now, do you trust him to control his anger in the future? Will you ever look at him the same again? Will you ever trust him again? Would you want to?

    If you had been with this guy for 10 years, and this was the only time this ever happened, maybe give him ONE and only one more chance, if he ever hits you again leave immediately. But if you've only known this guy a few months, I don't think its worth it.

    If I were talking to the guy, I'd say this: "How is punching your girlfriend even an option?" I mean no matter how angry I get I'd never do that. For me if I flat out completely lost control, I can imagine throwing things or breaking things I can imaging saying horrible stuff, yelling, but punching a girl is not something I'd do unless I was attacked and the girl was trying to kill me. I'd be worried that it even occurred to him to do that.

  • Call the police and report it. It's very important that these types of incidents are documented. I know that you probably don't want to get him in trouble but guys typically don't just do that once. Having it on his record means that if he does again to you or someone else he'll be punished.

    Guys don't punch girls... ever. Any guy who crosses that line needs serious help.

    My girl and I have been in quite a few arguments but I have never once even thought about punching her. This one time I got my girl in the eye with an elbow when we were tickle fighting. Probably the hardest I've ever hit anyone. That was an accident and I cried because I felt really bad that I hurt her... so yeah I bet he was crying but that doesn't change the fact that he hit you.

    Sometimes sorry isn't enough.

  • Wow! If I were you I would leave him now! HE HIT YOU!

  • no guy should hit a girl no matter what. if he did it once and got away with it, he will think he can do whatever he wants and may do it again.

    another thing this shows is that he doesn't trust you

  • Leave him right now!

    He hit you once he will be more likely to do it again. And if you put up with it once you will put up with it again and again.

    He doesn't trust you that is made clear by the way he reacted to your ex contacting you. He doesn't love you, that is made clear by his lack of trust and violent behavior towards you. He just wants to control you.

    DO NOT STAY WITH THIS PIG FOR 1 MORE DAY. You might not live to regret it.


    because leaving his sorry abusive ass won't be enough


    if he didn't want to do it, he wouldn't have done it


  • dude I would say leave him. he needs to go to anger management or counseling, he has some serious problems. your lucky he didn't do anything to you after you blacked out.

  • 1th thing,if you were my daughter or sister I'd kill him.Wait I'd ask him some questions the kill him!A man should not hit a woman no matter what she has done and not to mention you didn't even hit him first.I don't care what the situation is if you get mad walk away don't put you hands on a woman,your not her father.Anyway it sounds like the first time so talk and don't stick around for the second time.If you feel like he is gonna hit you ever again, leave.

  • for a guy to lay his hands on a woman like that is the most low thing he could do. this and having abusive parents are kind of on the same level as far as the mental damage done on the victim goes. you should be able to rely and trust on your boyfriend, not fear him. you should get out of that relationship as soon as possible, because if he couldn't control himself once what's goig to stop him from losing control again?

  • Get out of there and fast if he has hit you once he will do it again , the weakest guys normally hit girls and will often never stand up to another man as we hit back you see , I would tell him to stay away and call the cops if you feel threatened again and even consider reporting this one, never let a guy hit you there is never any excuse for a guy using physical violence against a girl

  • Get out of that relationship. Wether you deserved it or not, he should never have done that and it will only lead to bad places in the future.

  • First of all, lets talk about your ex. If you truly have no feelings for him and he is bothering you, then you should have said something much earlier to your current boyfriend. It is your boyfriends business to be aware of any mis going ons with your ex's or else it might look as if you are running around behind his back. That one way, you got what you deserved. I know it is horrible hearing that. The amount of emotional stress your boyfriend received all at one time as a surprise was probably over-whelming. As for the physical violence he showed on you...well that is unforgivable. In the future it will only get worse unless he gets help. I feel you both need to get help professionally if you care for each other, as I suspect.

    • WoW...I hope you get what you deserve... :)

    • I'm sorry but this is a bitch ass post. Only a bitch ass man will hit his girlfriend for a reason like that.

    • How can you be so ignorant? NO one deservs to be treated like this,not even a man.Hit a girl and what if she would die falling on the tables corner? then what would you say as an outsider"Hmm I think she deserved it..:

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  • Ok... the thing is... you should probably leave this guy NOW. It will likely save you a ton of trouble. HOWEVER, if you do stick around... and it's likely you will... they all do for a while... you should seriously consider filing a complaint or taking some pictures etc. so that there is proof of the event. You need to tell him that you will leave him instantly with no talking or arguing if it happens again. And you need to stick to it. If this guy lays hands on you... pushing, slapping, hitting or ANYTHING you simply have to be done with it. No talks. Just move on.

    It is possible for a young man to make this mistake and truly regret it, learn from it and not repeat it.

    All that said... giving you a busted lip, knocking you into the table and causing you to black out is really dramatic. If he outright punched you in the face then he has some SERIOUS self control issues and he could be a danger to be around. So I know you probably won't, but please please please you must seriously consider just walking away NOW.

  • Bail Out Now! Hitting is a big RED FLAG! He will probably do it again!

  • Umm I would seriously have a long talk with him about it. And let him know he should never hit you again. If he does it again LEAVE him. No man should hit a women don't fall for the "i love you though" it doesn't matter he should never hit you. Nor should you hit him even if you are a girl

  • Obviously this is all very confusing to you.

    You would have never done this.

    You do not know any one who would have done this.

    Clearly, there must be some explanation.

    May be you did something wrong? May be he misunderstood something? He was overcome by emotion? May be he loves you so much that he can not stand the thought of you thinking about your ex?

    He was so apologetic and was crying. So, he must have lost control and needs to be forgiven and given a second chance.

    These are the thoughts and explanations girls go through to try and understand and this leads to continuation of abuse. Violence followed by apology is what keeps the abused from leaving.



    What if he had done this to some one on the street? Some one who does not know him? Would not police have been called and he arrested? Then why should he be allowed to get away because he did this to some one who he"loves"?

    He does not love you. He wants to own you.



  •'s good that he did appologized to u. I think he loves u. just couldn't have digested that siuituation.

    cheers and just tell him that he has no right to hit you for's very unmanly.

    tell him that if he couldn't trust you now then how come he will trust you in future.

    good luck

  • What a dumbass, I would never do anthing like that. I would have just said you fell and hit your head I mean you said you blacked out so you wouldn't know what really happened. And nobody falls for the remorseful act nowadays anyway.

  • Christ. if you fell, hit your head and blacked out, that means you suffered a traumatic brain injury. It's also known as a TBI. You definitely suffered a severe concussion and probably don't realize it. You should be evaluated immediately by a neurologist.

    Post concussion syndrome could set in and believe me I'm having a hard enough time trying to deal with it. It's tough.

    You also need to file assault charges, because it's never right to hit a girl. Nothing justifies it. Guys are naturally stronger than girls...this whole thing is complete BS.

  • A punch on the arm is one thing. You blacking out and bleeding from the head is a felony assault anywhere. This person deserves to be single, unemployed and picking up trash on the side of a highway for quite some time. Don't let him hit you again.

    Oh, and see a doctor about that head injury. Maybe a cop as well.

  • LEAVE! Don't even consider staying. Its not worth it. It can have serious mental repercussions!

  • he'll do it again when you get into an argument, if I ever did that to a girlfriend of mine, no matter how sorry I was I would tell her to stay away from me because I wouldn't want that to happen again, if you take him back, he'll do it again and he apolagize again and he'll make you think it was your fault or you'll think he will only get like this because of his temper or drink, you'll end up like one of those gf's or wives, I say get out now

  • He'll 100% do it again. Hope this p**** don't drink. WHEN he knocks you out again take a baseball bat & smash his skull. Don't get any pets if you stay with him because cowards like that like abusing animals too, he will kill it. I've seen it first hand with my sister & the piece of crap had the nerve to charge me when I broke his arm after my sister didn't charge him for beating her. Their all the same, cowards.

  • There is no second chance for hitting you.

    The fact he did t shows he at this point in life can't control himself.

    You need to be apart from him for awhile atleast. If he ever did it again the cops need to be called.

  • There's no excuse for hitting you. No excuse, no excuse. Dump him. This will happen again unless he gets therapy.

    I feel rreally bad because I flirted with a girl once and her boyfriend beat her up...not as badly as a punch in the face, but was my fault, she couldn't help my flirting with her, but he was one of the 'I own you' types like yours.

    So please take my advice!


    Dump that moron asap and make sure that every girl in your world knows why you dumped that caveman.

  • OK, stay with the guy if you truly believe any of the following :

    1) you deserved to get hit

    2) being knocked unconscious by someone you love is an acceptable behaviour

    3) love triumphs your own personal safety

    Because THIS is what it comes down to.


    You will love other people, but you do not deserve to be hit under the threat of violence.

    And then suggest that he seeks out anger management classes.

    Also, call the police. Drop the charges later if you like, but he has to know without any confusion that YOU CANNOT DO THAT SHIT EVER.

    For what it is worth, this site will not allow me to make the font bigger or bolder, so where you see all caps, assume I'm holding your arms and saying this very loudly to you.

    • @smentor991 - I know. It's a wonder how the douchebags of the world end up with wonderful women and how these wonderful women accept this 'fate'.

      @question asker - I am proud of you. You did very much the correct thing in all cases.

    • You wouldn't believe how many girls have that mentality

  • If you don't react to this right now, he may think that you will never react to such physical acts.

    You have to react as fast as possible.

    Try not to talk to him for at least a week, not returning his calls, not texting him, etc.

    After a week, tell him that you are ready to forgive him.

    • Honey, my ex promised me & begged me to stay & said he would never do it again. don't believe him trust me I know from experience. don't be stupid.

    • NEVER give a second chance to wifebeaters! :@

    • About the abusive parents example, well, my dad hit me once. I didn't talk to him for a couple of days. I clearly expressed that I hated him with my body language and the post-it notes I left stuck to the bathroom door.

      He apologized for days, and I didn't listen to him. I acted as if I didn't hear him. It was hard. I was crying every night. I hated being that cold to my dad.

      A week or so later, I accepted his apology. He never hit me, ever again.

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  • It's never about "leaving him" or "loving him too much." It's about loving yourself enough to not put yourself in situation of abuse.

    You can love him all you want, but if it's "okay" for someone to abuse you physically or mentally, then the real problem is how much you love yourself.

    We teach others how to treat us and by staying you're basically teaching him it's okay to repeat his abusive mistakes.

    Nobody can tell you what to do with your life, just realize that it's choices like THIS that will improve or devastate the rest of your life.

    Seek advice from a loving mature female mentor as fast as possible.

    ~ Robby

    My Blog ( link )

  • A lot of Females on here giving advice to "Leave him"., Yet I wonder what they would do if they were in a relationship and truly loved the person?

    I'm guessing that about 50% of women would give the person another chance. I'm not saying this is the right thing to do but that's just how love can mix your mind up and assist in lousy decision making.

    It's easy to give out advice and say leave him when you are not in that situation yourself. But you need to hold back and give advice.

    What if it was the other way round. What advice would you give to a man who is getting hit on by the Woman? What does that make the woman?

    Anyway; To the question asker. The advice I give to you is be very cautious whatever decision you make. If you decide to give him another chance you need to set certain rules of what you will and will not accept. You need to make a promise to yourself that if he crosses any of those barrieers then you leave him straight away.

    If you decidde to leave him then do so with your head held high as it takes a really strong willed person to not let their head rule thier heart.

    Good luck to you.

    • This is very true, it took me 5 years to leave the man that was hitting me & no one understood why I would go back to him, but I did love him. but I also learned the hard way . it never gets any better, I just had to figure it out for myself.

    • "You can love him all you want, but if it's "okay" for someone to abuse you physically or mentally, then the real problem is how much you love yourself."

      - IMPORTANT point... Well said Robby*

      - It is not about him - SHE is the one writing SHE is the one threatened, & as far as all the second chance what ifs..., if someone acts subhuman, the do not deserve human chances.

      Who cares if he is sorry, it shows that that is how he deals with his emotions.. Who said guys wee not emotional ^ ^

    • I bet you you have a wifebeater in you Jaquesvol. You are also very repetative so perhaps you would do it again and again..

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  • leave.

    a man should never have to apologize for hitting a woman in the first place.

    that's like killing a pet and then apologizing like crazy.. the deed's been done, there's no going back..

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  • I'm so glad by the time I read this question, you've already done the right thing.

    A man hitting a woman is NEVER right. there really is NO excuse. If he's frustrated with you, he can just walk off. Abusers are always the type of guys who act totally non-confrontational when dealing with other people but the moment they get home, they beat the crap out of their kids, wife, girlfriend, pets for the smallest of "infractions". These abusers basically imagine they're constantly getting wronged or getting slighted by their significant other. Even in your case, he hit you over nothing. And even if you DID have feelings for your Ex, SO WHAT? it still doesn't justify hitting a woman!

    I hope lots of women in abusive relationships will see your question and realize they need to get away from the abuser!

    abusers are weak, puny, pathetic excuse for a man! They only pick on those who are weaker and love them the most. Abusers are too much of a wuss to take on a real man in a fight so they go and attack those they should be protecting instead!

  • I'm glad you're doing better, and that you did the smart thing! :)

    One other thing to think about here is this: Why didn't he drive you to the hospital? Why did he just put you on the couch?!?

    He is demented!

    And what Littletad pointed out, he cried because he was worried about himself, not you! ---and THAT'S WHY he didn't drive you to the hospital or why he didn't call the ambulance. . .

  • Happy to here about the approach you took =]

  • hey I've been there, this could be an accident or a warning sign that he's abusive and controling of my old bfs used to push me so hard id go flying back this is assault. I know how it feels especially if you love them. Just remember that if this keeps happening then its not OK to keep forgiving him. If he did it once he can do it again. You love him a lot so if you don't want t end it with him yet, all you can do is forgive him and move on. But if he does it again, it won't get better only worse the more you stay with him, I know from experience. And its tough the longer you stay guys like that don't tend to change, they have anger issues and can't resort to any other way then you unlease on their loved one. That type of relationship is dangerous, and many girl have ended up killed by their own boyfriend, accident of not. So pay close attention to him from now, and take note of any other warning signs that may come your way.


    - how does he treat his parents, does he scream and yell at them often?

    -is he controling has he ever grabbed you or forced you to do somthing you didn't want.?

    -does he respect you free time or privacy? a controling guy won't care for your things he thinks he has the right to look through anything after all your his property and he thinks he owns you,

    - has he had history of violence with his exs?

    - when you decide to leave or go out does he try to start a fight to stop you?

    a controling guy is munipulative and will start a fight over anything he doesn't want you to do, ending in him getting what he wants.

    anyways I hope this helps.

  • I'm glad that your filed charges. No girl should ever put up with a man hitting them. There is no excuse for hitting.

  • If he can do it once he'll do it again. Even though he felt bad when he's that angry at you he'll hit you. You need to leave his ass.

  • i was in an abusive relationship. whenever we got into a fight he would scream and act like he was going to hit me. then one day he did hit me, he beat me, and I was 6 months pregnant. he was the biggest regret ever. and now I just pray and hope that my son will be nothing like him.

  • that is awesome that you left him and reported it. what an asshole

  • ewww break up with the f***er. ewww.

  • just move on ... no one should touch another person no matter what. so leave

  • Congratulation on your courage and clear-mindedness, Question Asker. I wish you the best

  • Are you crazy!? leave the guy! he hit you! He will do it again, he will! And the sad thing is, he wasn't drunk, that's how he deals with anger, hitting you... that's SICK. He's suppose to be hitting guys who hurt you, he's suppose to be defending you... not punch you.

  • Good, I'm happy for you. :)

  • Get out of that relationship at once. If he can do it once he will do it again. You are not married to him and his anger is already out of control. Imagine what can happen in the future. I am certain that he is begging for forgiveness, but there will definitely be a next time.

  • LEAVE HIS ASS! I witnessed my step mother get hit by my father. but my step mom didn't get injured like you did. Abuse is why my mother left my father. My dad hit my mom (real mom) once and she took a knife and cut his ass, they broke up after that. (that was when I was 3) I'm 16 now. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I just moved in with my dad last year and I when I saw him hit my step mom I was in total shock. My step mom says she's moving out but it happened like 1 week ago and she's still here, cleaning, cooking, sleeping in the same bed with my dad like nothing happened. Watch when it happens again she'll learn.

  • I really hope that you have left him. There is never a reason for a someone to punch you. IF he punched because of a simple argument that seems like it evolved a confidence issue for him (if he does not trust you then he isn't confident in the relationship) then he will definitely do it again and before you know it, it will become a frequent thing. Ya'll aren't married and it doesn't sound like ya'll have kids so you have no reason to just try to stay with him. AND even if you were married and/or have kids then you should also be trying to figuring out how soon you could possibility get away from him.

  • Circumstances are irrlevant. The fact is: he hit you. A man who is willing to hit you once WILL do so again. Get out. He is not worth your time. Go somewhere safe and get him out of your life!

  • all men flip out its natural you pushed him over the edge. infact in most relationshps but I'm sure he's a good guy so don't worry to much

  • Don't stay with him! It doesn't matter what he says, the trust is gone and there is always going to be a big chance he will hit you again. My father repeatedly beat up my mother and me several times. He always said it wouldn't happen again, but it went on for over 10 years. This guy needs some serious help and should go talk to a counselor. That might be your only chance to save your relationship.

  • get out, you need to get away from him. He sounds pretty psychotic if you want my opinion. You need to get his ass locked up and you need to get away because if he'll do it once its almost GUARANTEED he WILL do it again.

  • ok,...there are certain rules that a real man follows.1. never hit a girl 2. never hit someone when they are not ready. so he violated two of my major rules.

    I am pretty sure he is honestly sorry, but,...still he should never have even attempted.

    UIi think get away from him, it out and agknowledge that he is sorry, but realy explain to him that you can not forgive something like that, cause you can't

  • Hmmm... do you truly believe he won't do it again? If you do, talk to him, get him anger management classes, and give him another chance. But if you have any fear he'll do it again.. dump his stupid ass. You shouldn't live in fear of being assaulted by your boyfriend.

  • leave him

  • Woah. Leave him. I was in a relationship like that one time, and he did it once, just like this, and then he apologized but when we went to talk about it again, the same thing happened. I don't care what you were talking about, he had NO right to lay his hands on you. and I know many people who have lost their lives because of abuse from their partner. It's a very scary thing, so get yourself out of it before it gets any worse.

    Good Luckk

  • Look hun, the first hit always exculates to another. Know he knows that he can do it to you. Stand your ground show him that he will not treat you like a human door mat.

  • I see that you love him, because you wouldn't consider staying with him if you didn't. This is serious though. Me and my boyfriend do get in heated arguments but he never punches me. He punches the walls or something but never me and I have been with him for 3 years. Maybe you should talk to him see if he can get help for this. Tell him you love him and make him understand that you would leave him if you didn't. You wouldn't still be with him if you loved your ex, especially after that little incident. If your decision is to stay with him just definitely get him to get help with his anger issues because he clearly has some. No guy hits a girl ever! He has to understand that! I mean if you didn't love him so much I would tell you to leave him. But emotions are involved and you do like him. he let his jealousy and anger really take over and that can't happen again. He really needs help containing it.

  • i don't think you should stay in this relationship, you may love him but he doesn't trust you enough and he has some anger issues he needs to sort out. you don't deserve to be treated like this especially when you haven't done anything wrong. If you think he honestly didn't mean to do this then maybe you can work through this but being in a violent relationship isn't in your best interests and isn't acceptable. my advice is to talk this over and discuss why he reacted like he did, and think about whether your safety is more important than being with him. hope this helps you x

  • leave him. every second that passes that you stay with him is a second you get closer to terminally endagering your life

  • my sister had the same problem and she stuck with the guy but he busted her up so bad he broke her leg burnt her with cigarrettes all kind of crazy sh_t DUMP HIM! Nobody deserves that crap

  • if you haven't left him in the last 2 weeks, LEAVE TODAY!

  • Leave him. This is the first sign. If he can do it once, he can do it again. And because he knows he can get away with it, the next time will be worse and it will happen more frequently. Please leave him. I don't care what you guys were arguing about or how upset he might have been. He had no right to hit you.

  • i will give the you the best advice you will ever get, and you better listen to me. I was with my "baby daddy" for 5 years, and the whole time he would hit me, and always promise it would never happen again. it took me that long to realize he would never stop, & it always got worse. he was going to end up killing me eventually. a man that hits you doesn't love you. I don't give a f**** what he says. leave him now, before it gets to the point where you are afraid to leave him like I was.

  • Rising your hand to a woman is just wrong. The only way I will justify this is if the man is in a physically abusive relationship as well and he hits her as self defensive (you can always just pick her up and throw her, if I was hitting you in the heat of the argument I would understand why you did it). On that note, this isn't a good sign if you two haven't been dating for long. Regardless of why he was upset it's the fact that you tried to walk away from the convo and that's how he stops you?...

    The way I see it is it's like breaking the seal, it doesn't matter if this was the first time with you or the first time ever he has done this, if it was done once the chances of abuse continuing is probable. Don't be scared to tell him you won't stand for this and mean it! Then walk away from him (do you really want that in the back of your mind the next time you two have a heated argument? Being on the ground with a black eye? Then thinking of lies to tell others where it came from?) No one really benefits from a situation like this. The female lives scared and the man (who needs help) isn't getting that help and runs the possibility of hitting his future children from not being able to control his anger.

    Sorry disrespectful in my books (I don't even let my father raise his hand to me, I'm sure as hell ain't gonna let any other man do that to me).

    Good luck to you.

  • people can make bad choices but if you love him stay with him as long as he never does it agian however don't let him off that easy

  • LEAVE HIM LEAVE HIM LEAVE HIM. He is abusive...I'm sure he did apologize, and tell you it will never happen again, he loves you, he made a mistake...Blah , blah. Blah. IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN! Whether it happens next week, or next month, it WILL happen again. And it will get worse. Tell EVERYONE you know--take pictures and document the evidence. Call the police an file a report.

    Please, please, GET OUT. Do not stay and be victim. There is NO excuse for abusing you, and YES it was abuse. HE IS AN ABUSER. HE WILL DO IT AGAIN. YOU NEED TO LOVE YOURSELF AND LEAVE HIM.

  • I would leave him, if he doesn't trust you enough to believe you when you said that you didn't have anything with your ex than it will just go down hill from here, and if he hit you then it shows his a violent person, why would you want to be around someone that you 're scared of and don't feel safe around when his supposed to be protecting you?

  • First and foremost, no matter the situation, a REAL Man...will NEVER hit a woman. He will take the time to ask question and see what you have to say. One who will not result to hitting you just because he was upset that your ex starting texting you. I can understand that there may have been some kind of misunderstanding between that for him to do that. This may have been the first time, I don't know, yes he may have cried about it. Like I said, a REAL Man will never hit a woman. With that said, situations like these will only progress to a worse situation.

    Secondly, if you really care about your boyfriend and want things to work, you need to go to psychologist. You two need to work through this and see if it worth saving the relationship. Keep in mind, that this threatens your physical safety and there is nothing worse than living in fear, with the one that you love.

    Third, if you do plan on working this out, please keep some kind of record of this event. Write a journal about it and be as detailed about this as much as possible. Take a picture of your injuries and make sure that the date stamp is on the picture and give a copy of that to a trusted friend to keep. Also, to make sure that you didn't get any crucial head injuries...Go to the ER. You need to worry about yourself above all, if you're not happy with your life...who will make it that way.

    Be safe and think about this as much as you can, for your own safety

  • I think everyone here pretty much said it. LEAVE NOW! He will end up doing it again. He has control issues. Best wishes, you don't deserve that.

  • I think that you you should take the time to ponder about this, bcause you are the one that has feelings for this guy, you should see his bad qualities and his good qualitites, now, if he hit you and you were knocked out that bad, you should break it up cause, it could get worst, there are numerous amounts of tings that can happen

  • Ok...hun...f*** him! He sounds like an a-hole! No MAN IS EVER TO PUT HIS HANDS ON A GIRL! This might have been the first time but trust me it's only the beginning! My mother's husband hit her several times and after the 4th time he came home one day and she had emptied our house and was gone! She refused to deal with that sh*t and so should you. It's never ok! My mom married a guy that I call my father...he would never hit her or mistreat deserve better!

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