What do you do when a guy just uses you and then ignores you?

I had sex with this guy that was a not a real close friend of my boyfriends but we ended up driving around and talking and one thing led to another. Then the next weekend me and my sister went to the bar and my boyfriends friends asked us to go driving around and this guy I had sex with went along and needless to say sat by me in the back seat and he started rubbing my leg and holding my hand. These other guys in the truck I am pretty sure wanted more to happen and I think that they were helping this guy play me. We went to an after party where he continued to rub my leg and talk to me not showing me any intentions that he was ever worried about his wife. He is going through a legal separation and I am in an abusive relationship I am trying to get out of. This guy told me we should pursue a relationship and just go with our feelings and I guess at the time I thought that he was a really nice guy going through the same problems that I was and maybe I would like to give that a shot against my better judgement obviously. We made out this night but did not have sex. The next day my boyfriend called me on the phone and I just said that I went driving around and I guess he just kind of maybe didn't trust his friends and confronted them about what happened the last two weekends and this guy I had sex with told him everything that had happened but made it sound like I had misunderstood his intentions and he was trying to work things out with his wife. I am angry because now he is avoiding me and his friends are just treating me badly and act like they did nothing wrong? What she I do and what do you think just happened here?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Guys will say absolutely anything to get some action. Including lots of lies about wanting "a relationship." I'm sorry guys can be assholes. I would suggest getting out of this relationship with your abusive boyfriend and only sleeping with guys after you've been seeing then for a little while. As for what to do, I would just let everything pan out. And definitely don't give this guy the time of day again.