What do you do when a guy just uses you and then ignores you?

I had sex with this guy that was a not a real close friend of my boyfriends but we ended up driving around and talking and one thing led to another. Then the next weekend me and my sister went to the bar and my boyfriends friends asked us to go driving around and this guy I had sex with went along and needless to say sat by me in the back seat and he started rubbing my leg and holding my hand. These other guys in the truck I am pretty sure wanted more to happen and I think that they were helping this guy play me. We went to an after party where he continued to rub my leg and talk to me not showing me any intentions that he was ever worried about his wife. He is going through a legal separation and I am in an abusive relationship I am trying to get out of. This guy told me we should pursue a relationship and just go with our feelings and I guess at the time I thought that he was a really nice guy going through the same problems that I was and maybe I would like to give that a shot against my better judgement obviously. We made out this night but did not have sex. The next day my boyfriend called me on the phone and I just said that I went driving around and I guess he just kind of maybe didn't trust his friends and confronted them about what happened the last two weekends and this guy I had sex with told him everything that had happened but made it sound like I had misunderstood his intentions and he was trying to work things out with his wife. I am angry because now he is avoiding me and his friends are just treating me badly and act like they did nothing wrong? What she I do and what do you think just happened here?


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  • Guys will say absolutely anything to get some action. Including lots of lies about wanting "a relationship." I'm sorry guys can be assholes. I would suggest getting out of this relationship with your abusive boyfriend and only sleeping with guys after you've been seeing then for a little while. As for what to do, I would just let everything pan out. And definitely don't give this guy the time of day again.


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  • You're in an abusive relationship, an attractive guy was nice to you, you liked the idea of being treated nicely and fawned upon, he got what he was after in the first place by playing you and his friends were more than likely in on it. I'd say get out of the bad relationship and maybe not have sex on the first few dates, or maybe save the sex for once you're in a somewhat caring relationship, just because someone is nice and shows you attention isn't a reason to immediately give it up.

  • You messed up cheating on your boyfriend and having sex with another man who happened to play you. When will you learn girls? Why can't you stick to someone that loves you back, instead of falling for assholes like this guy right here?


    • You got played,and what were you thinking to cheat on your boyfriend?

      You may get the labe of l"being easy" from other guys.

      And women have the nerve to whine about no good guys around.

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    • Since the world is so messed up, can we blame men for that? Since we're going to be sexist anyway right?

  • he used you just like you're saying and you know why because most of guys they'll say anything to get laid with girls , so you should take it slow but you didn't and end up having sex with him in a short time , you need to move on and don't make the same mistake twice and next time try to find someone who care about you not by words only but with action , because words can't make any difference ,


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  • You just go played and he wasn't into you. That guy cared nothing about you and got what he wanted which was sex and didn't want you anmore after that. Him and his wife are probably fine and was tellin you a lie that they were getting a divorce to build false hope in you in order to get between your legs or maybe he is but still just wanted you for sex. And his friends don't respect you either. they are all jerks. Its sad how people can just use you like that when you are a good person but it doesn't even matter to guys like him. Sorry this happened to u. just next time make a guy wait to have sex with you like a couple of months. Its a little safer and more time to evaluate his motives better

  • First of all, why are you fooling around if you have an abusive boyfriend.that just gives him ammo to smack you.second why with a guy whos clearly a player and what makes you think he's not going to just lead you on forever not to mention he's already deceived you by telling your boyfriend.

    have you ever heard the old expression, " Ahh what tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive? That means basically, don't be someone you wouldn't want someone to be done to you. Just lose this guy, he's bad news and either get out of you abusive realtionship (by the way, there are programs or people who can help you if it's a serious problem for you to leave) and just get on with your life without screwing around with guy that shows you some interest. You are worth that aren't you?

  • Why don't you be responsible for your actions and quit having sex with other men other than your boyfriend and hanging around negative influences? WOW.

  • What do you mena what was she thinking by cheating on her boyfriend?!?!?! The guy is abusive to her. first of dump that loser you are better than that. Secondly his friend used you move on. Stay single and play the field you don't need to jump into anything to serious after this mess.

  • you should have first off left the abusive mate of yours. secondly, never fling with any of your bf's friends. .you put yourself in a position to be played (knowingly or unknowingly). Honey, if this other guy ignoring you its a good thing. you do not need him niether.