Why do guys send mixed signals?

Is it because they're unsure of themselves, unsure of you, trying to play hard to get, or what?

Also, if a guy is sending mixed signals, does that mean he doesn't like you or isn't sure about you? Any advice to get him to be sure of you?

Most Helpful Guy

  • I am probably guilty of sending "mixed signals" but I don't do it on purpose. I don't buy into the whole hard to get thing, I mean if I want to date you I'm going to at least talk to you... I think I may do this because I'm unsure of myself like you said. I mean I personally am not really able to tell if a girl likes me unless she is completely obvious about it (it's especially hard to tell when they're your friends).

    Maybe just be a bit more obvious in your flirting and see if he notices and reciprocates. I mean I'm not going to go after a girl I think doesn't like me so keep that in mind.

    • At the same time though, I can't tell if the guy likes me, so I'm not likely to make my flirting more obvious...

    • Maybe you could just try being more friendly to him or just talk to him more. Then maybe you'll be able to read these signals better. Sorry I wasn't more help...

    • Haha you were helpful. I think this issue is just ongoing, so it's hard to solve.