Why do guys send mixed signals?

Is it because they're unsure of themselves, unsure of you, trying to play hard to get, or what?

Also, if a guy is sending mixed signals, does that mean he doesn't like you or isn't sure about you? Any advice to get him to be sure of you?


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  • I am probably guilty of sending "mixed signals" but I don't do it on purpose. I don't buy into the whole hard to get thing, I mean if I want to date you I'm going to at least talk to you... I think I may do this because I'm unsure of myself like you said. I mean I personally am not really able to tell if a girl likes me unless she is completely obvious about it (it's especially hard to tell when they're your friends).

    Maybe just be a bit more obvious in your flirting and see if he notices and reciprocates. I mean I'm not going to go after a girl I think doesn't like me so keep that in mind.

    • At the same time though, I can't tell if the guy likes me, so I'm not likely to make my flirting more obvious...

    • Maybe you could just try being more friendly to him or just talk to him more. Then maybe you'll be able to read these signals better. Sorry I wasn't more help...

    • Haha you were helpful. I think this issue is just ongoing, so it's hard to solve.

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  • For the same reason that girls send mixed signals - because we're human and we get nervous sometimes.

    If the guy you like were totally up front, you'd get scared or possibly annoyed if he botched it.

    Basically, if you're getting signals at all - he's into you on some level. Find out if it's just physical by bringing up sex. If he wants to talk about it, he has a physical attraction for you. If he steers the conversation back to something else or says he doesn't want to talk about that right now, you know he's getting to know you.

    • Great, so basically if he brings up FWB, I'm screwed? Wonderful :P Thanks for the answer though, it really did help.

    • fsuguy- that makes me feel a little better. thanks!

  • I believe guys tend to not play hard to get because seriously, why do we need to when the girl we desire so badly is right there waiting? Now for the mixed signals situation? Yes, we sometimes do that and it's usually because we aren't sure of your intentions and whether or not we have a shot. Us guys aren't able to understand ourselves at times, nevertheless you females.

    In order to test if he likes you, go talk to him when he's ignoring you to his best capacity. Soften him up a little and show him you are harmless.

  • guys don't play hard to get... he is most likely unsure how YOU feel about him


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  • I don't know, but I know how it feels. I'm so tired of guys sending all weird signals.

  • because they're playing games, it's amusing to them