What does it mean when a guy is checking a girl out?

I was walking to class and this guy passed by me, he looks at my face slightly but he looks more below, I guess like looking at my clothes or me whether. Is it a bad thing when a guy is checking a girl out, what does it mean, and do they notice something why they would do that?


Most Helpful Guy

  • When a guy checks out a girl, he isn't really analysing or thinking things through, if you know what I mean. Its just something that happens. Me personally, I could be thinking about football or homework and then for some reason turn my head 180 degrees and be staring at this gorgeous chick, it happens all the time and its like I can sense them (wherever they are ) and immediately start checking them out.

    And the answers to ur questions are no its a good thing, it means ur pretty, cute, attractive w/e, and they notice YOU, the physical u.