Why does she always starts her conversations with me in the same way?

There is a girl who I have known for three years now. She is very nice and kind but isn’t spontaneous or loud (is silent towards strangers but open with her friends). The only people who I have ever seen her start talks with are with her friends (all girls except one guy who only hangs with girls). Recently (couple of weeks), she started to come up to me and talk to me but the thing is I’M NOT her friend which I find weird since she only starts conversations with her friends. The only times she ever does starts talks with me though is when my friends aren’t near by and when her friends aren’t with her (otherwise, they’ll run up to this girl and start talking to her). Whenever we talk, she is always smiling (open smile which is a smile with teeth) but I think she smiles when she talks to anybody (from what I’ve seen in the last 3 years anyway). She also tends to giggle and laugh during our talks also but I don’t recall ever saying anything funny to her. But there is something bothering me though and that is the way she talks to me. SHE ALWAYS STARTS HER TALK IN THE SAME WAY WITH ME. Here how it is: she comes up to me and says “hi (my name)” and then I respond with something like “hey, (her name). Then she says “how’s it going?” and I respond with something like “great and you?” and she answers my question but that’s pretty much it. That’s the only stuff she ever says: “hi” and “how are you?” and then she stops and it’s like it’s my job to continue the talk with another question of my own. I’ve seen her talk to her friends and she DEFINETLY talks a lot more. Why is she like this with me ? Does she want something from me?

I have another question : why do you think she tries to talk to me if she hardly knows me?
I also realised somthing else. I think I am quite possibly one of the 2 guys she EVER talks to (one being her girly guy friend and me) but this is from what I've seen. I haven't seen her ever start a talk by herself with any other guy


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  • im in the exact same situation and I'm just like the girl you described. So basically I talk to the guy because I think he's really cute and really nice and I want to get to know him better as a friend at least for right now. I wouldn't say no if the guy asked me out but I don't really like him in that way. So yeah I think this girl just wants to be your friend. She doesn't really have a guy friend she can talk to and it sounds like she wants you to be that guy friend. She isn't carrying on any deep conversations with you because she doesn't know you well enough to ask you anything personal and she doesn't want to say anything stupid. I am pretty sure that the guy I always talk to thinks I like him and I've been trying to show him that I don't see him as more than a friend but I don't think he gets it.

    And while were at it do you have any tips to make him understand that I don't like him that way?

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      If you did like this guy, would you have done anything while you were around him to show him you like him?

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      Wow...what a concidence! that just pretty much decribes the girl I like (very kind, nice to all. She is taller than me and she's a blonde too)

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      Haha that's so weird