Is the first time you have sex supposed to be awkward?

So my current girlfriend and I recently spent the day at my house. She came over around 4:00 and no one happened to be home. After about half an hour of talking, we ended up having sex. We were both virgins. When we did it we were very inexperienced and didn't exactly know what to do. When she left around 6:30'ish it seemed very awkward. During the trip to her house we were both very quiet. And for some reason I couldn't think of anything to talk about. I know she wasn't mad because before she left she kept giving me hugs and kisses. o.o Is this normal for the first time? Will it be better the next time we do it? Thanks for reading this and I appreciate your help.


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  • I think it's awkward for everyone the first time. Practice makes perfect :P haha. It's like when you makeout with someone for the first time, it's always a little sloppy. Sex can change things so you should probably talk to your girlfriend and see how she feels about everything. My first time wasn't really planned either, we just decided to do it one day (although we had been talking about it for awhile). It was awkward and painful but really it's almost the last thing on your mind when it's your very first time. At least for me it was haha. I wouldn't worry too much about it because it really is an awkward process whether you have experience or not, but definitely talk to your girlfriend. Hope that helps some :)


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  • I've been dating a guy for two years and we just had sex for the first time, both virgins and it was super awkward. We love each other but were both really nervous and he was having issues keeping it up as well. That was in the morning and we came back that night and tried again and it was sooo much better. I just think the first try is awkward and worrisome. It'll get better.

  • Mine wasn't, I didn't think about it and he also didn't know that I was a virgin and I just seemed kind of natural. But I guess if I would have planned it I would have freaked out as well ;)

  • Almost the exact same thing happened to me (today :p)

    Except I'm the girl in your story. I was nervous out of my freaking mind and I don't even think we did it right! After I was very reserved and I didn't know why, I hugged/kissed him a lot to try to reassure, but I think it's just nerve racking, especially for me to worry about getting pregnant/etc.

    I hope the awkwardness goes away for the both of us- SOON!

    So we can enjoy sex'

  • The first time only the sex part was awkward for me. Did you cuddle after? Because that's pretty much the most important thing. You've been inside each other physically and mentally. It's very... Delicate.

    I hoped you used contraception! After sex I also get a huge, unbalanced hormone rush that's a lot like really strong PMS. It might have been that...?

    • For your first time howd you know what to do ??

      ughh its freaking me out I don't want to do it wrong =/

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  • the girl I first f***ed thought I had sex I didn't tell her I atchually hadnt had sex because the "first time" I couldn't get it up, how sad. She didn't seem to realise and she seemed to enjoy it, I guess I just knew what I was doing.:S it wern't akward at all!weird that.although I did get a lot better quickly after a few times

  • First time is always uncomfortable afterwards. I think, because you just shared something completly new it just kinda leaves you dumb founded and unsure how to respond to something that new. But on the bright side you warm up to it and get to have fun with the practicing and learning and building of skills.