Why do women rarely show any interest on guys even if they like them?

I notice this a lot, women who ignore guys even if they like them, or they never call or text first, or ask for a date, they don't flirt with them either or they even act cold sometimes. Which seems so confusing for men, because you don't even know if keep trying or move on.

Why people assume I don't make the first moves? I always make the first move! but sometimes I would really like if girls were more clear on what they wanted: That is do they like me or not? So I can keep trying. For instance there is girl that is just too hot and cold (likes me and then doesn't) she is too confusing I don't even know if she likes me or not. There are other who I chat seem friendly, into me, but if I don't talk to them, they don't talk to me.


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  • A girl who ignores a guy she likes, hmmmm, how would you know she likes the guy? Maybe she doesn't? However...

    I can say that if a girl is really in to a guy she can become super nervous around him and not know what to do and freeze up or otherwise appear disinterested. Guys do that too.

    I see no reason to ask a guy out for a date or call or text him first. A guy who does not ask me out is not interested. I am approachable, I know how to send the signals that I like a guy and how to make it easy for him to talk to me.

    I have pursued a few guys when I was dating several years back and it only proved to me the truth. If a guy is not pursuing me, there is a reason for it. He either is seeing someone already, is not interested in me, is gay, or will be ever so happy to have casual sex with me, but has no interest in dating or pretending he wants a relationship.

    I left a note on a neighbor's car once to call me to go out. He was fun to talk to and he thought I was attractive. However, he kept cancelling our dates or not showing up, but then would apologize and invite me to hang at his place. I gave him the benefit of the doubt but finally recognized he was just trying for casual sex. I got him back real good. I invited him over to my place after he called me saying he was available to hang out. We had some wine, sat on the couch talking and then I told him I had to call it a night. When he got to the front door I gave him a big old kiss and said goodbye. Didn't answer any of his texts after that. Hilarious.

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      Thanks you just answered my question ...but another guy is trying to flirt with her what should I do?

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      This answer is spot on. All a female really has to do is send availability signals. Any male with a significant amount of braincells will recognize a girl's signaled interest.

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