Why are guys so scared to ask a girl out?

I mean it. Seriously! Why are they so freaked out to ask a girl out?


Most Helpful Guy

  • We fear rejection. Yeah we're guys and we have balls and according to society we're supposed to ask the girls out and not the other way around, so we feel pressure on us, well at least I do. I asked a girl out a few months ago and she said yes but it became difficult afterward. She basically lied just to be nice to me because she had a boyfriend. She also might have wanted to hook up with me and still have her boyfriend, but that's not what I'm looking for. After this experience I took some time off from asking girls out because it hurt to go through that situation. It should have been okay, ask the girl out, she says yes, then we go on a date right? Not in this case. I reminded the girl about going out two times after that because she was dragging it out. So afterward I moved on and then she got pissed at me in that quiet girl way because I stopped asking. So asking girls out can be very difficult. ALSO, guys are afraid of getting out asses kicked if we ask a girl out and she has a boyfriend and stuff like that. So its the guys that aren't afraid that have the best opportunities with girls, but you gotta admit, girls make it difficult for guys to ask them out. Just give us some hints and we'll do it with no problem if we like you back.