Why are guys so scared to ask a girl out?

I mean it. Seriously! Why are they so freaked out to ask a girl out?


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  • We fear rejection. Yeah we're guys and we have balls and according to society we're supposed to ask the girls out and not the other way around, so we feel pressure on us, well at least I do. I asked a girl out a few months ago and she said yes but it became difficult afterward. She basically lied just to be nice to me because she had a boyfriend. She also might have wanted to hook up with me and still have her boyfriend, but that's not what I'm looking for. After this experience I took some time off from asking girls out because it hurt to go through that situation. It should have been okay, ask the girl out, she says yes, then we go on a date right? Not in this case. I reminded the girl about going out two times after that because she was dragging it out. So afterward I moved on and then she got pissed at me in that quiet girl way because I stopped asking. So asking girls out can be very difficult. ALSO, guys are afraid of getting out asses kicked if we ask a girl out and she has a boyfriend and stuff like that. So its the guys that aren't afraid that have the best opportunities with girls, but you gotta admit, girls make it difficult for guys to ask them out. Just give us some hints and we'll do it with no problem if we like you back.


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  • Men are not as much social creatures as women. Also a mans ego is actually pretty fragile. The potential rejection can take him down several pegs depending on how much stock he has placed into it. There is also the cultural significance that a man should be the one to ask a girl out. That puts more strain on the man. If he isn't very confident in himself then he will be less likely to take that risk and opt for an easier approach.

    If you are asking for yourself and you want a guy to ask you out, you may want to think about helping him. You could even just ask him out yourself. If you start planning to do it you will see that it can be just as nerve wracking to you.

  • Women's beauty is intimidating!

  • It would be easy to write a long essay about history and society and expectations of men to meet and provide for women which all starts with the moment of acceptance or rejection. There's a lot riding on it. That's why the most successful men at meeting women don't care about the outcome.

  • because guys get rejected easyer than a girl would and it hurts too much to the point where we can't handle it to where we can't cry it out and just have severe depression for the rest of our lives

    and some guys just prefur the girl to make the first moves etc

  • Sweetheart, I can guarantee you that on average, guys do it a crap load more. So if you want an answer, maybe you should be asking girls.

  • Probably because you're ugly as f*** and he's trying to come to grips with reality that you're the best girl he can get. Ayoooooo! Relax, I'm kidding. But seriously though.

  • Same reason you won't approach.

  • I don't know if this will make sense, but I'm not afraid of getting a "no", rather it's the moment between asking and getting a response that feels like an eternity.

  • Rejection f***ing sucks

  • Most men are afraid of being rejected and how they will look to the person their asking out and their friends. In my opinion it's stupid but a lot of people are just scared of the answer.

  • we hate being rejected, yes we know there are other girls out there, but a lot of us want to be accepted when we want it, not when the other person wants

  • Staticistics (not real, formed by my own mind)

    chances of girls getting rejected: 1% to 25%,

    chances of guys getting rejected: 50% to 99%

    we have low chances and ever rejection just makes us feel more and more undesirable and unattractive to girls that's why were are intimated, because with every rejection we lose more and more of our ego's and pride if we even had any to begin with.

  • its not really the rejection that scares me. its the aftermath. I'm afraid that, if she's a good friend of mine, itll become awkward between us


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  • would you have the balls to ask a guy out? if so, then props to you, but if not then there is your answer

    • Ok then do woman have the same fear of being rejeected just like men do? I feel as if a mans ego can is a little mroe fragile than a women's ego...

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    • having "balls" doesn't make a guy confident or stronger than a girl just to let ya know

    • yes, thank you, I do know that. I was using the term in a proverbial sense

  • better question: why are girls so scared to ask guys out?

  • I get asked out a lot. Guys from my experience usually aren't. The women are usually the ones in the backfield waiting for that guy to make the first move.

    • just a quick question here

      are the guys that ask you out happen to be the over confident players?

      do you want them? or are you the type that waits for the next guy to come along?

    • I get all types of guys asking me out from -Players, to guys that just want fwb, guys that take a genuine interest in me, the old, the young, its all mixed up.

      I usually wait for a guy to come along (I am one of those girls I spoke of) but if I really like a guy, and see he isn't making that move then I go for it