Why do guys ignore me in clubs/bars?

I am a tall, skinny, blonde...I'm really into hair/clothes/etc...So I'm almost always really put together. People are always telling me I'm beautiful and I get checked out/hit on all the time throughout the day.

So I know that guys notice me, but whenever I get to bars or clubs...guys may sort of check me out but they definitelyyyy don't approach.

I just find it weird that guys hit on me throughout the day, but when I finally get to a club - a place DESIGNATED for meeting the opposite gender and sparking connections - no guy seems to give me the time of day.

For example, yesterday while I was shopping 3 total strangers went on about how beautiful I am and two guys hit on me...so I was feeling pretty good about going out that night...I get to the bar...NO one says a word to me.

Whats the deal?


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  • Do you dress up more when you hit the bars? If you do, maybe your outfits make you appear very high-maintenance, guys dread that.

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      I usually am pretty dressed up...that's a turn off? Actually that's what one of the guys who talked to me yesterday afternoon mentioned ...he kept commenting on how I was really dressed up and I looked really nice, ect. ...So maybe that could be it? My friend always wears a simple shirt, jeans, and high heels and she gets way more attention even though she's less fixed up.

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      Yes I think that could be the cause. Girls who are very dressed up can be intimidating for guys. So I suggest trying to dress down a little, but keep it feminine. Maybe you'll have more success that way.