Should you ignore or confront?

i just found out the guy I'm dating and have unfortunately made the stupid decision to sleep with is trying to date other girls, we normally text everyday and now after 3 days he sent me a text message asking me if I'm at work, I am deciding to ignore it and ignore him, I deserve better respect then to be just another one of his girls, but my friend says I should take the higher road and just be nice and cordial talk to him but basically blow him off. What is better to do? I am so mad that I really feel the ignoring is what I want to do, I've done it before but its so weird because once you ignore a guy it makes them want you more.


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  • Boohoo, You got played. Being passive aggressive will get you nowhere. Players love it when the girl they played ignore them instead of creating a drama-fest. Get over your resentments of him. First and foremost: Forgive him, forgive yourself. Don't drink the poison and hope for him to hurt from it. Just let it go. Don't play games. Don't talk to him. Don't think about him. Work and focus on your own life.

    And yea they come back after you ignore them, because that is exactly what they want. Sex, then periods of not having to deal with the rest of the crap. It's the whole point of being a player instead of having a girlfriend. Wash your hands of this whole situation and move on quickly and efficiently. If he texts you, just politely tell him you don't really want to hang out with him.

    If he asks why, say because you are looking for something real, and he is obviously just trying to have fun and that isn't what you want. Tell him you forgive him, but you don't want to be involved with him anymore. (don't get snarky or rude about it, remember, it's not his fault you slept with him)

    LEAVE IT AT THAT! No more! Even if he texts you 100 times a day and calls you, leaves flowers on your doorstep, holds a boombox outside your window in the rain. Ignore him. And for the love of all that is holy, DO NOT start dating someone else to make him jealous... that is sick and wrong to the person you choose to play, and is just perpetuating the cycle. DO NOTHING to hurt him. In fact, pray/hope that he gets everything he wants in life and that he lives a long and happy life. God Bless the son of a b***h

    Most importantly: Get over your stigma against sex without strings attached. In today's society, expecting a lasting relationship out of every sexual encounter is just unrealistic and immature. Enjoy and appreciate every sexual encounter as an opportunity to learn and grow. Much like you learned that not all guys have the best intentions going into the sack. And grow to not be fooled again by the same tricks. However, also grow into realizing that if you confront him, you sound like a crazy b***h and he'll likely just stop talking to you anyway, because, in fact, you kinda are a crazy b***h for taking sex, yourself, your expectations, and relationships WAYYY too seriously.

    Lighten up and have fun, sheesh.

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  • You need to talk to him. Let him know this is completely unacceptable to you, and if he wants to be with you, he needs to stop it immediately. If he can't or won't stop, then it's over between you, and he'll know exactly why (which is important, for both of you).

    If you just fade out, then he won't necessarily know that it was this behavior that was the cause. That's not good for either of you.

  • you say you're dating but are you exclusive? Did you have the "talk" to establish boundaries?

    If not he should've taken a more virtuous road and told you if he was still planning on looking around and sleeping wtih other women but you can't blame him 100% if you never establish the rules and boundaries of your relationship. If you did not talk about being exclusive then you really have little right to be so angry with him and should address the matter maturely with him.

    If you're over the whole situation you should still be mature and tell him that you're over it and if not you should tell him how you feel. Either way the cold shoulder doesn't seem like the best tactic.

    Now if you two did establish that you to are dating each other exclusively then he cheated on you and that is f'd up. You should still tell him how you feel as it is the mature thing to do but you certainly have the right to be pissed off

  • Ignoring him is the best thing. You deserve better.

  • Get sarky, reply with, " Sorry, was that text meant for me or one of the other girls your dating" then ignore him, don't ignore him without him knowing why your ignoring him, this will do his head in,x

  • Did you two talk about making this a monogamous relationship? If the answer is no... embrace the suck. If the answer is yes, then I would ignore him, until you cool off. Don't let him know you're hurt and just cut him off. Tell him you're dating me now.. ;)

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  • You already have negative ill feelings about the relationship so why even try to keep it going. Surround yourself with positive relationships, not negative ones.

  • Just ignore him if he really wants you and only you then he'll stop the foolishness, if he really is and realize that your not one to put up with the nonsense.

  • I would just break up with him. You do deserve better.

  • I would just breakup, he's a male slut. No point daring someone you can't trust.