When a guy says he misses you?

When a guy says he misses you, does he mean it? And does it mean he likes you? I haven't worked with my co-worker crush in one week, so we haven't seen each other.. well.. in one week :S

Anyways, one of the first thing he says to me is that he missed me and was excited when he realized I was coming in to work that day. I checked him to see if he was kidding, but I'm pretty sure he was sincere. He even complimented me on my outfit, which is the same every time I worked. What's up with him? Is this a good sign?


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  • I would say he likes you. That is a good sign. Show a little interest in him if you like him and see where it goes. If he didn't like you then he wouldn't have said me was excited to see you and that he missed you. Since your outfit is the same every day at work then that is another good sign that he likes you. Do you like him?

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      Yes I like him :) Thanks for the answer, I'll have to step up my flirting now I guess.