Why do I attract women only when I stop caring?

This is getting to me. I am going through a period of not caring, and disliking women in general. No offense, but a few ruin it for the rest. Heck, I'm even playing songs like "I don't want to be in love" and others like that.

But WHY is it that whenever I go through one of these phases someone starts liking me? I could care less a few years ago, and same thing. And because I care less I am less apt to date.

WHY!?! And how can I change this?!?!

Of course I'm straight! I just "give up" with girls sometimes.


Most Helpful Guy

  • first off if you are straight this shouldn't necessarily be a problem unless your looking for love. You see girls play games, and when they see that all of your attention is going to them they feel as if they have control of you and they love control and domination, so when you stop caring or cold shouldering them, it makes them want you more...I could try my best to explain for hours but long story short it's just how many girls are bro, they like when a guy doesn't necessarily care. Very strange but that's a women for you. Hope this helped.