What do guys do when they hang out together?

just wondering I don't know why but just something I want to know random but yeah just what are some kid of things guys do at sleepovers or when they hang out together ?


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  • I'm going to use a few of my friends as IRL examples

    Ron - heavy metal music buff, guitar player. Music is his life. In a band.

    Tim - movie buff, film school student, mutual friend of Ron's, same music taste. Used to be very big into the bar/club scene before he got together with his girlfriend and was always trying to get laid.

    Don - typical "toy" guy. Big into cars, computers, electronics, and other "neat gadgets" guys are typically into. Similar music and music tastes to Tim, but not a mutual friend. His friends are very important to him and despite the fact that he's married with a kid he still makes time for his friends.

    Ron is somewhat of a homebody so when we hang out it's usually at his place or at his band's drummer's house where they practice. Usually we talk music and watch concert DVDs, jam on guitar together, watch the occasional movie, or play video games.

    Tim is the exact opposite of Ron. He likes going out and about and hitting bars and clubs, and though he is fun to hang out with, his #1 goal when we go to those places is always to meet a girl/get her number. We also like to go to the movies with him and we usually make an event out of it, seeing the movie opening day following a nice dinner with like 3 or 4 of us and then maybe after the movie hitting a bar. The only time we ever go to his place is to watch a movie over there. When we talk its usually about movies or he tells me some BS obviously made up story about a girl he met and went home with one night. Fun to listen to but obvious BS. When Tim, Ron and I hang out together its usually at Ron's house where we play video games and watch movies/listen to music while drinking.

    Now, with Don, we usually go random places and just hang out. We go to the movies or we go to random places like lakes, malls, parks, anywhere, and just hang out. We also do things like camping. Because he's into cars we often like to go on long drives.

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  • booze and video games. And we are either trash talking each other about who's better, or bragging about which girls we've been hanging around with lately. Pretty standard stuff.

  • Play; Poker, board games, video games, sports and so on

    Entertain; eat, watch sports, movies comedies action etc

    Talk; jokes, work, economy, sometimes even relationships.

    I suspect, but not knowing what women do together, that we do similar things but in slightly different ways and that men put more emphasis on play over serious talk when young.

    So what do women do?

    • Girls gossip umm watch movies umm do our hair and make up and likee readd magss andd muccch moreeeee

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    • We get together look for trouble and guys. we mess with guys and say hey cutie or sexy and see if they respond and then when we see an old creeper we run away and laugh about it. there is also spit fights, carring each other, and exploring.

    • Messing with guys sure. Running from creepers (I might qualify based on age) a bit odd but OK. Spit fights?!? seriously? With each other or the poor fellers you poke and tease? I wonder if when I was young girls did the same?

  • Talk about women, sensible shoes.

    And when we're in the bathroom, there's no talking, but at the end, after the guys have washed their hands, the guys lock arms and sing "the secret song of pee" (Guess I shouldn't have told you that). It's kind of like an Irish drinking song.

    Actually, at least with me, we just talk business, we make fun of each other... sometimes we DO talk about women, but not always... sometimes we trash talk. We play video games. We play cards.

    I spent an hour and a half getting to know a new guy friend. We talked about women issues, looking for the right woman, etc... mentioned a few cool girls, past relationships, a few Christian things, as we're in the same bible study.

    We talked about family... he showed his high school, talked about growing up... we talked video games, as he was dropping off his game system to a friend... on the way home, we talked about the trip, what we liked, what we didn't... weird people we met. Funny stuff that happened...

  • beer, sports, watching sports, working out, video games, movies that's pretty much it

  • i think it all depends on the type of guys.. I have "groups" of friends.. and then I just happen to kno other guys that I don't hang out w alot.. some talk about ongoing things like concerts, how we've been with work, comparing stories, who's dating who, who we're trying to get w (if anyone).. other groups of guys talk strictly about girls (bitches) and who their working on... other groups of guys just talk about problems going on and how business/work is going and cars and music.. as for sleepovers.. mm.. yea I'm too familiar w that process for guys o_O.. only time it's ever happened is in high school when we would go on a school trip and wanted to save travel time by just stayin at one house for morning..

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  • dress up and makeup experimentation of course! lol. no, good question. I am curious about this.

    alot of guys at my school like to fight eachother...oo that's fun. haha

  • According to my boy, there's a lot of Halo and beer involved. =P

    • Lols! It's the same with my guy, pretty much, minus the beer, though. He doesn't like alcohol, really.

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    • NAIL ON THE HEAD lmao

    • Lol take a shot for every game won on Modern Warfare 2. didn't get as drunk as fast as you guys most likely but it did the trick... lol

  • Secret stuff, just like we girls do.

  • Three words: Video Games and Beer.

    And thinking about girls.

    • Video games and beer. isn't that 4 and then of course you add in "and thinking about girls" so thatd be a total of 8 words

  • jerk circles lol hahaha

    idk talk about girls

    watch movies


    play video games