What does it mean when a guy says you are hard to read?

met a great guy online and we had a strong connection and we got together and had a good time, but he kept telling me I was hard to read. How do we let you know we like you without being to aggressive. Do guys like aggressive? Do guys get offended when girls are really nervous around them?


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  • hard to read would be something along the lines of...he THINKS he knows what you're going to do next, or think next...but then you do something completely opposite of his thoughts...this doesn't mean its a bad thing, it just means he's trying to figure you out better so he knows what kind of person you are...hes looking for your actions to your reactions, does that make sense?

    something happens, you react to it in a certain way, his way of thinking how you would react is different than how you actually do...which is good, it keeps you mysterious and keeps him wanting to figure out more!

    • Yes, that does make sence. Thanks

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  • If you're "Hard to read", it means you're hard to tell emotionally. You can tell what a lot of people are thinking by what they do, how they do it, blah blah blah.

  • If we can tell you are nervous we don't get offended but if we can't then we may take that as you keeping a distance from us on purpose. Get more aggressive by flirting a little, he won't mind.

  • Nervous is cute, he might be hard to read your body language and what you say. Might be confused. If you like a guy try flirting, tease, have fun etc, touch...


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