I think that men who cry are weak, pathetic and should be ashamed for doing so, do you agree?

Men are supposed to be strong and never cry, no matter what.

Not even when someone close to them dies (they can be sad but not cry, crying is just going to far)

Crying should stop when you are 12-13 years old. Men who cry are pussies. They should suck it up, man up and set an example for younger boys. Real men are NOT emotional.

This is my opinion, what are your thoughts?

It doesn't matter whether you're a UFC fighter, boxer, football player, part of the military or all combined. You may be tough on the outside, but you're NOT a real man unless you're tough on the inside.

There is NO excuse.

Crying is for the weak.


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  • Humans feel emotion, why should men have to live their lives as if they don't care about anything. Showing emotion shows passion, it shows you care. Is caring a bad thing? My boyfriend is sensitive and he cries sometimes if someone's hurt, if a friend or family member has died. I would think it odd if he didn't.

    Key to a relationship is communication, how do you do that without emotion?

    • You don't have to cry to show emotion. There are many emotions including anger and happiness. Being sad doesn't mean crying. You can be sad without tears. If a man cries, it shows that he isn't strong enough to control himself. Crying is like basically saying "this is too tough, life is too hard, I need someone to hold me, I can't cope on my own, I'm VULNERABLE". Emotional vulnerability is very weak. You don't have to cry to care about some(one/thing). Men are meant to be strong and supportive.

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    • Fair enough, as long as your happy.

      But I thought girls like their men to never cry and be macho and sh*t. I thought crying was a turn-off to girls.

    • No I think most girls like to see a guy cry sometimes, you can see the emotion and that they care. Obviously not all the time, but then girls crying all the time is annoying too. Men need taking care of too sometimes ;)

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  • I'd say the opposite. Sorry, whoever told you crying makes you weak, is wrong. It makes you human. I'd like for my man to be able to openly express himself even though there are obvious ignorant people like you who think otherwise.
    If he can't show emotion properly, I'd feel like I was dating a robot or an android. I don't think bottling emotions is healthy at all.
    I wouldn't want him to cry over every little thing, I don't think women shoudl either, but if they watch a good, sad movie, or if a relative died, yes they can cry.
    If you want to hide the fact that you cry alone at night, so be it. But men and women are allowed to show their emotions and not act like damn robots. Lol wtf. This site has a lot more trolls than I expected

  • Not true at all!

    ...on the other hand...I only believe in crying when something truly terrifying happens... -or when you see a really touching movie or hear an incredible musical composition. If a guy cried because of a musical composition I'd LOSE MY FREAKIN' MIND! =) (in the best possible way... xD)

  • No I disagree, while I believe that a guy cries less than a girl, I think that a man totally cut off from his emotions is disturbing...especially if someone has doed. I would rather him not bottle it up.

    • You don't have to cry to show emotion. You can be sad and not cry. If a person close to a man dies, the man should forget that person because he/she is dead, crying isn't gonna make them come back. He should move on and not shed a tear, he may be sad but that will pass eventually, he'll live. Crying is for pussies.

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    • 26d

      No, bottling it up and not wanting people to see you as weak because you're too damn insecure yourself is for pussies. Where were you raised? Women like you disappoint me, all women want damn respect but offer none. You want what you can't give, being too insecure to shed a tear is for pussies. You're only human and so are they, don't you dare try to set limits to people's emotions because that my dear, is where you are terribly mistaken. Have a good day, or don't, but when your kids don't shed a tear in your funeral, don't be sad because it is what you taught them. You taught them that showing emotion, and humanity made them vulnerable, and weak...

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      Sorry, wrong person.. It's not you I actually agree with you it's just this other woman that said that crying is for pussies

  • Men shouldn't cry for idiot things... like there was this guy in middle school who was crying cause he dropped his tic tac on the floor and that was going too far. If a man doesn't cry when someone close to him dies or something tragic happens I would think something is wrong with him.

    • Why do you hate megan fox?

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    • 2mo

      I agree I remember some teenager crying because they ran out of soda at the school cafeteria when I was younger. But traumatic events there is nothing wrong with that.

      Oh yeah I remember you from a long ass time ago when I used to be a regular on this site.

    • 21d

      (I know i should be proud) But i used to cry a lot at school, eventually people just ignored me when was doing it

  • I think everyone should be strong and stand up for themselves and not cry. if you MUST cry, do it in private. 12-13 is much too old for anyone to be crying in public. Real people , know how to recognize, and keep their emotions in check. Real adults, do not delude themselves into thinking their emotions do not exist, only to flare up out of control, when they, and everyone around them, least expect it.

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  • I'm sorry you're too insecure with yourself to cry when you hurt. Do you hide your laughter when you're happy in fear somebody might see you? I'm human, I feel, I react, and I have no concern about what other people think about it. Weak? I'm not weak, I know this. Whether anyone else sees it that way is of little concern to me. Good luck in your efforts to keep up the facade that you're strong because you don't show pain. (doesn't mean you don't feel it.)

  • Oh, so, if you watched your wife or child breathe their last breath after battling cancer, you wouldn't cry? Got news for ya, bro. You're afraid of people thinking you aren't a real man if you cry over something worth crying about. That's a really bad thing to be afraid of.

  • I have a little Native-American blood in me, and I only shed a single tear if I see someone litter.

  • I think you secretly cry when no one is watching you :D

  • I don't blame you. I used to share this belief. In some societies, including the one I was raised in, it is believed that men shouldn't show emotions. I tried to live up to this standard for a while, but the truth always shines through. That truth is that men are human. We cry too. It also kept me from dealing with my emotional issues for a long time. You can be successful and still have a shitty emotional life. That's how hard it is to get your emotional side handled. That belief just adds a bigger handicap to an already difficult task. Emotions are just as much a part of us as our arms and legs. There's no point in cutting it off.

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