I think that men who cry are weak, pathetic and should be ashamed for doing so, do you agree?

Men are supposed to be strong and never cry, no matter what.

Not even when someone close to them dies (they can be sad but not cry, crying is just going to far)

Crying should stop when you are 12-13 years old. Men who cry are pussies. They should suck it up, man up and set an example for younger boys. Real men are NOT emotional.

This is my opinion, what are your thoughts?

It doesn't matter whether you're a UFC fighter, boxer, football player, part of the military or all combined. You may be tough on the outside, but you're NOT a real man unless you're tough on the inside.

There is NO excuse.

Crying is for the weak.


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  • Humans feel emotion, why should men have to live their lives as if they don't care about anything. Showing emotion shows passion, it shows you care. Is caring a bad thing? My boyfriend is sensitive and he cries sometimes if someone's hurt, if a friend or family member has died. I would think it odd if he didn't.

    Key to a relationship is communication, how do you do that without emotion?

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      You don't have to cry to show emotion. There are many emotions including anger and happiness. Being sad doesn't mean crying. You can be sad without tears. If a man cries, it shows that he isn't strong enough to control himself. Crying is like basically saying "this is too tough, life is too hard, I need someone to hold me, I can't cope on my own, I'm VULNERABLE". Emotional vulnerability is very weak. You don't have to cry to care about some(one/thing). Men are meant to be strong and supportive.

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      Fair enough, as long as your happy.

      But I thought girls like their men to never cry and be macho and sh*t. I thought crying was a turn-off to girls.

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      No I think most girls like to see a guy cry sometimes, you can see the emotion and that they care. Obviously not all the time, but then girls crying all the time is annoying too. Men need taking care of too sometimes ;)