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I think that men who cry are weak, pathetic and should be ashamed for doing so, do you agree?

Men are supposed to be strong and never cry, no matter what. Not even when someone close to them dies (they can be sad but not cry, crying is just... Show More

It doesn't matter whether you're a UFC fighter, boxer, football player, part of the military or all combined. You may be tough on the outside, but you're NOT a real man unless you're tough on the inside.

There is NO excuse.

Crying is for the weak.

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  • Humans feel emotion, why should men have to live their lives as if they don't care about anything. Showing emotion shows passion, it shows you care. Is caring a bad thing? My boyfriend is sensitive and he cries sometimes if someone's hurt, if a friend or family member has died. I would think it odd if he didn't.

    Key to a relationship is communication, how do you do that without emotion?

    • You don't have to cry to show emotion. There are many emotions including anger and happiness. Being sad doesn't mean crying. You can be sad without tears. If a man cries, it shows that he isn't strong enough to control himself. Crying is like basically saying "this is too tough, life is too hard, I need someone to hold me, I can't cope on my own, I'm VULNERABLE". Emotional vulnerability is very weak. You don't have to cry to care about some(one/thing). Men are meant to be strong and supportive.

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    • Fair enough, as long as your happy.

      But I thought girls like their men to never cry and be macho and sh*t. I thought crying was a turn-off to girls.

    • No I think most girls like to see a guy cry sometimes, you can see the emotion and that they care. Obviously not all the time, but then girls crying all the time is annoying too. Men need taking care of too sometimes ;)

What Girls Said 21

  • Men shouldn't cry for idiot things... like there was this guy in middle school who was crying cause he dropped his tic tac on the floor and that was going too far. If a man doesn't cry when someone close to him dies or something tragic happens I would think something is wrong with him.

  • I don't agree because tears are and have never been a sign of weakness.

  • No I disagree, while I believe that a guy cries less than a girl, I think that a man totally cut off from his emotions is disturbing...especially if someone has doed. I would rather him not bottle it up.

    • You don't have to cry to show emotion. You can be sad and not cry. If a person close to a man dies, the man should forget that person because he/she is dead, crying isn't gonna make them come back. He should move on and not shed a tear, he may be sad but that will pass eventually, he'll live. Crying is for pussies.

    • well that's your opinion about crying, You shouldn't forget that person because they were a part of your life. I just think its fine for a man to do so, and shouldn't be looked down upon.

  • I'd say the opposite. Sorry, whoever told you crying makes you weak, is wrong. It makes you human. I'd like for my man to be able to openly express himself even though there are obvious ignorant people like you who think otherwise.
    If he can't show emotion properly, I'd feel like I was dating a robot or an android. I don't think bottling emotions is healthy at all.
    I wouldn't want him to cry over every little thing, I don't think women shoudl either, but if they watch a good, sad movie, or if a relative died, yes they can cry.
    If you want to hide the fact that you cry alone at night, so be it. But men and women are allowed to show their emotions and not act like damn robots. Lol wtf. This site has a lot more trolls than I expected

  • no crying is not necessarily weak. it just depends on what they are crying for

  • No. Men are humans, humans cry; men have feelings, emotions, moods as every human being; unless you are fucking badass killing machine, you can cry. Even animals cry!

  • I completely disagree. I think a guy that cries and shows emotion is a huge turn on!

  • I think a guy who cries in front of someone, especially a cute girl or someone he likes, is stronger than any guy out there. It takes a lot of guts for a guy to cry in front of anyone and to be able to do that, is just a brave person in my book.


    • though you make a valid point.. its still strange to see a man cry.

    • Lol Well Crying Is One Thing, I Guess Completely Out There With Tears And A Stuffy Nose Would Be Another. Glad I Could Help


  • Depends what they crying for and its a way women show emotions not only that some cry because they can't confront

    • I'm not talking about women crying; I'm talking about men. Women are emotional, it's okay for them to cry; a man is meant to represent strength; especially on the inside, which means NO crying under any circumstances.

  • Everyone has an opinion, I guess. But for me, guys crying are major turn on.

  • you can keep thinking that men are supposed to be strong and not cry, but it is a proven fact that men are more likely to commit suicide if they keep their emotions bottled up. i had never seen my brother cry, ever until his girlfriend broke up with him, a girl he was inlove with and my brother has been through some seriously toough times.
    i disagree with you unfortunately, to me if a man cry it takes true bravery and strength to let your raw emotions flow, yes you are strong if you dont, but your far more stronger if you can let your emotions flow and move pass the shame of it.

  • i disagree

    i don't think you harm anyone if you cry

    so its oke

    and I don't think its different if a man cry's or a women cry's

  • I think everyone should be strong and stand up for themselves and not cry. if you MUST cry, do it in private. 12-13 is much too old for anyone to be crying in public. Real people , know how to recognize, and keep their emotions in check. Real adults, do not delude themselves into thinking their emotions do not exist, only to flare up out of control, when they, and everyone around them, least expect it.

  • IN MY OWN OPION:I was brought up with this saying " a man isn't a man until you see him cry ." This is hard for me to except .Because most of the men I know are these big strong guys , who act like they don't know how to show emotions . I know a couple of men who cry watching movies( like Old yeller and so forth). I think it is awesome that men can show emotions like this at times, not all the time ( but some of thetime .) It is a big turnone for me and I find it atractive as well.

    • Whether those "big strong guys" are pretending or not, most of us don't know. For all we know, they probably cry in solitude; if they do then they're poseurs, if they don't cry at all then they're worthy of being called men.

      BTW how does men crying turn you on?

      I've noticed a few girls saying the same thing as you but I don't get it. How exactly does it turn you on?

    • It turns them on because it is a rare phenomenon.

      Also, MALES eventually forget how to show emotion.

      This is the beautiful gift of our society.

    • yea can be cute

  • i agree. but I've been raised around a what you say "real man." so when a man cries... I don't know how to respond. but I mean.. I don't think theyre pussies... I just think its strange.

  • Not true at all!

    ...on the other hand...I only believe in crying when something truly terrifying happens... -or when you see a really touching movie or hear an incredible musical composition. If a guy cried because of a musical composition I'd LOSE MY FREAKIN' MIND! =) (in the best possible way... xD)

  • I disagree, guys can show emotions as long as they don't cry over little things but like if someone close to them dies, cry it would make you feel better if you wouldn't cry aboiuit something like then your are hartless, and girls like guys that can show emotion

  • obvious trolling

  • uhhh duh. what kinda dillhole guy cries? crying is for buttmunches. man up or something.

    • f*** you bitch. I hope you die. Imagine you are a man, and your family just died in a horrible house fire and all your belongings are destroyed and you have nowhere to live? of course you would f***ing cry, stupid f***ing bitch. I can only imagine you are about 11 years old and just finding your whereabouts on the internet. f*** you bitch. I f***ing hate you.

  • honestly, I do not blame you for your thought on this subject because it is society has puts belief upon people. Men and women are both human beings so if women cry then men can cry. sure you may say crying is not an emotion but it is a way of expressing emotions, whether it may be tears of joy, tears of grief, or tears of anger. the pressure that society has put upon men to be tough and to never show weakness has damaged so many young boy's minds. it has completely ruined the equality that men and women should share. crying does not make you a pussy, it only makes you human. its fine if you want to believe that men shouldn't cry, but you're only hurting yourself by believing that. bottling up your emotions and suppressing tears only makes it worse. why do you think so many men turn to drugs, alcohol, and violence. those are the only ways they can let their feelings out which is bad. sometimes you have to think FUCK what society says, fuck what people think and if you want to cry just cry. who cares if someone calls you names and offends yo because in the long wrong its your life and your emotions is the only thing that should matter.

What Guys Said 19

  • I wish evolution or God made us invincible like Superman, or a Saiyan, applying to Males only

  • I think you secretly cry when no one is watching you :D

  • not even when your parents die?

    • It's okay to be sad, but not to cry. Crying is for pussies. You gotta be tough as f*** to be a man; not a sappy whiny emotional weakling, that's what most football coaches and gym teachers will tell you. They will say "man the f*** up" or "grow a pair of f***ing balls" or "where's the f***ing testosterone, get angry, don't cry like a little girl, be a man and get pissed off and don't take sh*t from no-one!". I've had people tell me that when I used to cry as a kid; now I'm a man.

    • if only we humans can go back to the cave-man like days, in which it didn't matter on the size of our wallet, but the size of our d***s, and all we had to do to impress, get the ladies was to fight it out physically, now we have to use our words, attitude, mentality, social status

  • I have a little Native-American blood in me, and I only shed a single tear if I see someone litter.

  • Oh, so, if you watched your wife or child breathe their last breath after battling cancer, you wouldn't cry? Got news for ya, bro. You're afraid of people thinking you aren't a real man if you cry over something worth crying about. That's a really bad thing to be afraid of.

  • Dude If I will beat the sh*t out of you then definitely you will cry sh*t load. Most likely you will run to your Momma.So grow some Pubes first and then talk about being a f***ing man.

    Long story short everyone has a breaking point.

    • Okay I understand, just calm the f*** down. :)

      and NAH! I'd rather run to your "momma" because she likes my super-thick layer of pubes for some reason. More cushion for the pushin' I guess.

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    • I'm glad that she still remembers me.Why won't she remember after all she had fun that night Son!

    • It took a long enough time to get her to remember you. She remembers you as the high little boy who was wanking and talking to himself. You must have been pretty f***in' high if you didn't realize that it was only you having fun with your hand outside. Your "momma" got a phone call from mine telling her about it. It was late and I was about to leave after all that fun I had with yours. I went to get something to eat, she went to pick you up. But yeah, you remember wrong, drugs are bad, kid.

  • I don't blame you. I used to share this belief. In some societies, including the one I was raised in, it is believed that men shouldn't show emotions. I tried to live up to this standard for a while, but the truth always shines through. That truth is that men are human. We cry too. It also kept me from dealing with my emotional issues for a long time. You can be successful and still have a shitty emotional life. That's how hard it is to get your emotional side handled. That belief just adds a bigger handicap to an already difficult task. Emotions are just as much a part of us as our arms and legs. There's no point in cutting it off.

  • No, your just an a**hole now. My Uncle who is a Vietnam veteran has been known to cry when watching old movies, i cry whenever i hear old Metallica songs since my father died from blood/brain cancer (It was his favorite band). Hell my father lived for 10+ years with severe chronic pain and an addiction to opioid's because of it, it was rare for him but i occasionally saw him cry a few times. Your opinion is asinine and based on your own ignorance and stupidity!

    Real MEN don't cry over stupid shit but they also don't act like nothing bothers them because the truth is that there will eventually be that one thing (Possibly a few things) that will shatter your entire world forever... and you can never go back before it happened. You see even though i loved my dad him and i did not agree on things and we fought a lot before the diagnosis. He went so quickly that there was a lot of shit left unsaid by both of us... I don't really believe 100% in the afterlife so you can imagine how that makes me feel to know that we may never be able to set things straight between us.

    So no dude your just an a**hole and only a WEAK COWARD uses an Anonymous user name to post an opinion piece that is an obvious attempt to troll.

  • F*** this post SO much. Why don't you just go f*** yourself you sexist little piece of sh*t. You f*****s always preach how misogyny is so f***ing bad but in reality you're no better. Oh your Daughter just died? Guess what! You're not allowed to cry because you're a man, and men have to fulfill values set by the media. Oh, your family and your belongings got forever destroyed in a terrible storm? BUT Don't you dare shed a tear, remember, you are a man, and with being male comes great responsibility. F***you. Why can Women cry and not Men? you always beg men to be more sensitive, but nEVER be emotional. Wow. F***this f***ing post. Oh, you're 14 and both your parents died in a horrible car accident? F***you, you can't cry. You are a MAN now! Suck it up or something, p****. Oh. you are a woman and you cut your finger? Cry all night about it and loose your temper at everyone else next morning, PERFECTLY FINE Because you are a WOMAN. I hate this post so much. Thank you for reading this. F***you.

  • If a man won't cry in front of someone it is because he is afraid of being seen as weak. Feeling sad and reacting to that sadness isn't weakness. Hiding feelings out of fear is weakness. A man who is afraid, is weak. It's not easy braving the scorn and rejection of what has been deemed socially acceptable for anyone. In fact, it's blood curdlingly terrifying. Anyone who decides to be who they are in the face of judgement is deeply strong. I agree that crying looks weak, but it's a superficial weakness, and a deeper strength. Obviously if a man crys over spilled milk, sure. But sometimes, like if a man suffers a great loss or is deeply moved by something, he should embrace that release. And he should walk away from anyone who takes that gift of being able to express what sometimes lays outside of language or stoicism away from him. Life is too precious to let the opinions of others stand in the way of our relationship with the fullness of this world, ourselves, and the universe. Fear is for the weak.

  • You are just a complete piece of shit. Telling a man not to cry is telling them not to be human. Men and women were born to express their emotions accordingly. The whole macho man crap is stupid and annoying. Crying shows that you care, more than just showing a stony face. Just when you know it, they lash out at you through frustration and aggression because they bottle up their feeling instead of letting it out because scum like you tell them off.

    Men shouldn't act like robots. This is practically dehumanizing them.

    • 26d

      Being human is overrated anyway. Might as well live it as a badass

  • You asking me to not be human to be cold an heartless to not allow myself to feel anything towards anyone or anything for that matter GTFOH!

  • You sound like a very damaged individual from your annoyance with men crying. If this is so than you are weak because you hide your emotions because you care if someone else thinks your a man or not, which is cowardly.

  • I'm sorry you're too insecure with yourself to cry when you hurt. Do you hide your laughter when you're happy in fear somebody might see you? I'm human, I feel, I react, and I have no concern about what other people think about it. Weak? I'm not weak, I know this. Whether anyone else sees it that way is of little concern to me. Good luck in your efforts to keep up the facade that you're strong because you don't show pain. (doesn't mean you don't feel it.)

  • I disagree. Everybody deals with their emotions differently as individuals. There is nothing wrong with crying once in a while as long as it doesn't consume you and you become an emotional wreck.

    Personally I rarely if ever cry.. even at funerals. It isn't a macho man thing it is just I deal with things differently. When something is bothering me or somebody I love passes away, when I'm alone I take time to close my eyes, take a deep breath, and sit in silent meditation. I also had a father like you who would discipline me if I got to emotional as a child so that probably has something to do with it as well.

  • lol you must be a real plank of wood

    • arrrrrgh! planks arre for walkin'!. I'm a man, not a piece of wood and I'm also not a pirate!

      I go out and buy the DVD instead of illegally downloading; I mean, come on! they worked hard. They deserve some profit. Piracy is wrong.

  • That's a stupid mindset. That's like when somebody punches you in the face and you tell them don't feel any pain. Clearly impossible

  • For all these women saying that a man shouldn't cry at all...

    If he doesn't cry when faced with the serious realization that you're leaving him, then he probably doesn't really love you.

  • Not even when someone close to them dies (they can be sad but not cry, crying is just going to far)

    ^Ah alright, I see.
    First off I'm going to give a few facts about myself, I'm a 32 year old man, a Marine vet, I work in construction, I weigh 235 lbs and am 6'2". I am by no means "not a real man", whatever the hell that means anyway. So you're telling me that I'm not only a "pussy", but also apparently "not a real man" because I cried when my wife was killed in a car accident?
    My guess about you just from your statement is that one; you more than likely do not have a very high caliber intelligence, two: certainly have no real sense of what makes a man a "man", and three: probably are an all around terrible person that no "real man" would ever have anything to do with, even if he had half the I.Q. you do.

    There's not a damn thing wrong with having emotions, it's what makes you a human being, regardless of gender. I hope you do realize the "real man" you speak about would more than likely end up being a sociopath who would have not only have no problem abusing you, and your children, but wouldn't even care if you died and could potentially kill you himself. Because a person who is like you describe, is not a normal, stable human being.

    I really hope you end up finding this guy though, you sound great for each other.

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