What do girls talk about?

What do you girls talk about when guys are not around? I want to know all the secrets. Lol


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  • it doesn't matter who I'm around ill talk about anything to anyone. but for my chick friends, when no guys around, sex lives, what there boyfriends do to them in the bedroom and what they do to them, we ask for advice from one another about guys, sometimes our bodies, what we would do to this person, talk shit about other girls cus that's just our nature so girls you can't even disagree lol, sex, work, that hot guy at work, that regular who always comes into work, that annoying guy who comes into work,

    idk different shit like that.

    be happy we told you all this shit is top secret lol.

    • This is facinating. you get best answer for that. man there is so much femininity in this I would be in paradise if I could listen to this all day long. lol

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  • Guys. Relationships and marriage, proposals. Guys we dumped, guys that dumped us. Food, exercise, health. Kids, parents, husbands. Oh and debauchery.

  • Anything and everything. What I talk about has less to do with whether I'm talking to a guy or a girl, and more to do with how close I am to the person. My closest friend happens to be a girl, and we talk about everything. From how awesomely bad someone's outfit is, to how she's coping with a complicated boy situation, to her boss and her imaginary dust that she's expected to clean every day, to philosophy, to raunchy humor, to how badly I need to get laid, haha. ANYTHING. I would also talk about these things with my other close [guy] friend around. The guys I'm friends with probably hear a lot weirder and grosser things than they'd like to, hanging out with us. They hear about periods and giving birth and the crudest language you can think of, among other things. But they don't complain about it, so it doesn't matter that they hear it. I've never kept my friends of both genders separate at all, and I like it better that way.

    I just figure that I'll talk about whatever I want no matter who I'm around. Because if they can't handle it, then we don't need to be friends.

  • Haha we usally talk about everything gossip, tv shows, music ,movies, clothes, our boyfriends and the stupid things they did. Hmmm what else ummm weekend plans, the girls that we hate haha yeah we tlak about everything really. While the elections were going on me and my friend even chatted about it. So there really is nothing we don't talk about haha, same as guys don't talk about the same things girls talk about.

  • Guys, school, our families, hair, clothes, movies, music, all the other issues in our lives, current events

    I can talk to my best friends about anything.

  • The most:

    Guys, our boyfriends/husbands/love interests, work, best place to buy something we want, our insecurities, who ticked us off that day/week/month/year, advice, suggestions, ask for advice/suggestions

    We talk about these items sometimes:

    money, what we bought, what we did, decorating, food, compliment each other

    I think that scrapes the top of what we talk about. I think you guys talk about the same things though. I hear you talking in stores, on cell phones, etc. Sounds like the same conversations just in male speak. lol

  • They talk about guys.., period systems (if awful)... advice... what our boyfriend did to make us furious... how dumb our boyfriends can be... how sweet our boyfriends can be... we aren't as complicated as guys think

    • U lucky you said we are sweet. lol cause we are. :) :) :)

  • ha... if yall knew.

    its a secret we will never tell!


  • Mostly guy problems...and weirdly achieved orgasms... It can get a bit freaky, but I can talk about anything with my best friends! ;P

    • "...and weirdly achieved orgasms..." talk to me ;)

      That brings really weird things to mind lol

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    • I think we should have no secrets between us :) :P

    • XD

      Yeah...I think you might just be right....

      Let's get some coffee and talk it through! HAHA Let's meet in Austria...or France... :P

  • Well we talk about everything and anything...we do like to talk about other girls and what we think of them...we like to talk about sex, how we did it, with who, for how long.and if he does something really fabulous in the bedroom we will go on and on...if you did not do so well in the bedroom depart. we will talk about that as well...we talk about the things you said, the things you did..good or bad...we talk about our kids, clothes, shoes, makeup, men, sex, and our feelings...

    • Do you realize if men knew this how much more attracted to you guys we would be. its realy amazing stuff but always hidden from the eyes of men

    • Yes well us girls still have to keep our air of mystery among us...but glad you were happy with the response...

  • Everything, women are natural communicators so we can and do talk about everything.









    Make Up


    Our homes

    Our cars




    To name but a few

    • Totaly feminin. amazing! wow!

  • everything and anything. we got something on our minds, we talk. we don't hold back. were not afraid to talk about anything in front of friends.

    last night (and early this morning) my older sister, she is almost 20, had a karoke party in her apartment and we stayed up half the night partying and talking about anything and everything (you might find a few videos of our night on youtube ; ) ) we had a blast but we missed the fact that a friend of ours didn't come... -sighs- I'm at school and dead. I need more coffee... -searches around-

  • It depends who I'm with. With girls I don't know very well but am acquainted with due to circumstance we talk about guys, sex, current events, anything that isn't too personal really! when I'm with some of my friends I talk about all of these things in addition to ridiculously filthy sexual items and innuendo. some friends I only see at shows or concerts so most of our conversation revolves around music and our shared social circle gossip. some friends I talk about drugs and drug related experiences with only. my closest friend and I talk about our futures and where we fit into this world in terms of its spiritual context and why people around us behave certain ways. in addition to everything else, lol.

  • guys (all of um -the jerks, the sweet ones, shy ones, nerdy ones who we think are nice or weird) so not just the hot ones. it doesn't count as talking but we play guitar heroworld tour and rock band all the time and sing in man voices. o and recently making fun of girls who wear butt floss (aka thongs)

  • We talk about friends, school, our dreams, our circumstances, our spirituality, our school work, and guys... but only 10% of the converastion consists of guys. At least that's the way it is with my friends.

    • Women are spiritual and deeper then guys I love that about women. thanx

  • we talk about our conversations, sweet thing you did or said for us, advise on situations that we haven't delt with before, some of us go on and on about how good our men are and how much we like them and yeah if its a happy relationship than all the good things, and women in troubled relationships just bitch about EVERYthing that there men do that they hate. I'm one of the HAPPY chicks and sometimes I can make my friends eyes roll cause its all good hahahaha, clothes, my horsses, what people were wearing that they shouldn't have, creepy guys that hit on us, were women we love to talk so a lot of random things too

  • gosh what don't we talk about. we talk about guys there bodies sex love advice ourselves our bodies. the girls trying to get at our guys and skool home other friends music movies like I said what don't we talk about...but yeah we just get really into our conversation

  • Sometimes we discuss that babe down the street. Other times we talk about politics and serious things like religion. Sometimes we're lying around in someones basement cursing like sailors and pretending empty wine bottles can talk. We're quite diverse people! =)

  • haha.. we talk about the guys we like, the grils we don't like, the ones we hate.. the cute ones the hot ones, the annoying ones.. and then, we talk about how was our day.. the new gossip, and SHOPPING! lol...


  • We talk about guys.. and other girls..

  • boys



    our days

    • Im fasinated by this stuff. my friends have been saying if only we could hear some of this boy talk that girls do. its so girly I think guys would love it. except the shopping talk. lol

  • Well our age we talk about fashion, hair , make up, our men, tv shows, our monthly, babies, men in general like why did he do that and I can't believe him, books we have read, making plans for a girls night out. We pretty much talk about anything until our phone batteries go low or one of us has to go.

  • ...um GUYS DUH! lol and girls we don't like

  • Girls are also not shallow, we don't all gossip or go on and on about stupid celebrities or hair or can stand hour long cell phone chats. Don't get me wrong, we do talk about men, hair, periods, other girls, etc, but not all the time or to the extent that men believe we do. Like men, girls' conversations become more mature as we age so your question really depends on the age of women.

  • guys

  • umm when it is just girls... we talk about dudes and other stuff.

    Generally the only thing I won't talk to another guy about is guys themselves.

  • depends...after a date I will usually talk about anything cute the guy did. if he gave me his jacket or was a total gentleman.

    if the guy was a douchebag I will talk about the obnoxious things he did. bad breath/too forward/rude/etc.

  • Guys, our feelings, school, shopping, sluts who we hope fall on their faces, GUYS, sports, celebrities, cosmetics, music, family, our jobs, creepy old men that hit on us, memories, exercise, our day.

    • All this femininity is amazing. guys would love hearing most of this. its good stuff.

    • Only if there is a cliff-notes version. A ten minute explaination for something that could be said in one breath is a bit overkill.

  • My age, girls like to talk about guys and what guys have done when it involves them. That's basically the most talked about topic. We also like to talk about work if we have a job, or we talk about our periods and when we're on them (I know it's gross), or our boobs and our bodies, our hair and what we're going to do to achieve a new look. We like talking about our hobbies.

    • You talk about guys you have done. that's totaly hot. lol and you talk about boobs.i would be in heaven listening to this lol.

    • LOL

  • As teenagers, my friends and I talk about hair, clothes, homework, and of course cute guys :)


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