What do girls talk about?

What do you girls talk about when guys are not around? I want to know all the secrets. Lol


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  • it doesn't matter who I'm around ill talk about anything to anyone. but for my chick friends, when no guys around, sex lives, what there boyfriends do to them in the bedroom and what they do to them, we ask for advice from one another about guys, sometimes our bodies, what we would do to this person, talk shit about other girls cus that's just our nature so girls you can't even disagree lol, sex, work, that hot guy at work, that regular who always comes into work, that annoying guy who comes into work,

    idk different shit like that.

    be happy we told you all this shit is top secret lol.

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      This is facinating. you get best answer for that. man there is so much femininity in this I would be in paradise if I could listen to this all day long. lol