What should I do about my girlfriend who seems to like attention from other guys?

we have been going out for about 2 years now and it seems like to me she likes it when guys flirt because she likes the attention but she isn't the type that would cheat. Her longest relationship before me was 3 months. It will get to a point were these guys she works with will try to talk dirty to her and these guys do it all the time yet she just kinda lets it go. When I confronted her about it and I told her that I don't approve of it, she said that she'll change but then it seemed like she wasn't changing I confronted her again and she told me that I can't control her to tell these guys off. What do I do in this situation?


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  • that's annoying. but she hasn't cheated or anything... I guess she likes the self-affirmation that she's attractive or whatever. if I were you, I'd sit down with her and really tell her how much it bothers you. don't demand her to shut down the other guys- giving her the impression that you want to control her will backfire. instead, let her know that it worries you and that it's pretty important to you that she understand where you're coming from. if she STILL won't tell those guys to lay off... then I guess she isn't worth the time. it's alright to want attention, everyone does. but to let it go to talking dirty is crossing the line. it's disrespectful to you and if she doesn't see that, she's got some major issues. best of luck.

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