Why this guy was staring and why he didn't look away?

The guy that was sitting next to me at a party, went and sat opposite me across the room. I caught him staring at me but he didn't look away, just kept staring with a dreamy face. I looked away and then looked at him again and he was still staring. I turned away again but couldn't help but smile.... Show More

Neither of us were drunk, not that sort of party.

And the staring happened after we had made small talk.

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  • Because that's the initail stage of communication, the guy looks at you until you catch him looking at you (curious to know who you are/interested) So when you look back and smile then its a green light for a friendly chat. When you chat then over time you'll know their intentions.

    but guys staring means they like what they see and yes at a party when your drunk then I'm quite sure he thinks about being in the room with you too!

    • Then he wanted more small talk...bottom line => he is interested.