Why Are So Many Men So Selfish?

Ever notice that men- ahem- or should I call them boys, only care about feelings when it's their own? If they hurt someone else they usually don't care, but if they get offended in the least they have to make a big production about it. Serious guys, man up. And I just can't wait for some guys to... Show More

Thank you all. :) There have been some great answers and in a little more hope and/or understanding in each one. Thank you so much. :)

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  • Well people are selfish, just to what to degree of selfishness and arrogance is the more important question.

    You can look at it from almost any angle, from relationships falling out, to people in general to people you don't know around your neighborhood,city, campus,etc.

    When I see people rushing for the train while a lady needs help getting her stroller with her baby in it down the stairs , I help out. I don't it other for the simple fact, she needs my help. So what's the problem? It can be girls and guys,women are more sympathetic then men, doesn't mean necessarily that's a bad thing, sympathy is just another word for compassion in my opinion.

    So not all people are going to be sympathetic or compassionate, so you have to look out for yourself. IF people are helpful, thank them for their kindness , if not then accept the truth of reality, despite its tough and a hard pill to swallow, but that's life, you gotta just roll with the punches and play with the cards you were dealt with. I believe kindness is like a positive virus, it spreads, one simple act of kindness may persuade the other person to do the same to another person, and it keeps on spreading.

    • I definitely always try to be nice and caring. I think the same way you do. I help someone because they need it. It seems like the only place I see my kindness spreading is in my little cousin. She used to be very spoiled, and her parents didn't really teach her how to respect and be nice to others, and now she is usually nicer to people. I am really proud of her.

      I always thank others for their kindness, they deserve it. Usually I can just roll with the punches, it's just getting punched

    • one-to-many times will knock you out, and you get frustrated and confused. But this questions and the answers have come to help me realize that there are more people than I thought who care. It's helped phenomenally and it makes me feel better knowing you're out there. :)

    • theres more people then you can imagine.