Why would a guy stare at you with a blank face but not talk to you and then get a girlfriend? (please help)?

This guy used to stare at me( a lot, it wasn't a coincidence) with a blank face a lot but he never talked to me(but I said hi a few times with a smile) and now he has a girlfriend he can't keep his lips off of.

He told his female friends I was sexy and had a nice body though.

He stared in my eyes.

People who hang around him said he liked me(like his friends)(I got my friend to ask them)

But sometimes when he came by I ran away and he would just stare at me run away...… so weird...

When I caught him staring at me sometimes he'll look away but others he'll just keep staring and make eye contact. He even would move out of his way to see me.(always a blank face)

So I liked him and I guess he liked me so I said hi with a smile and he smiled back with his eyebrows raised and a smile. Then the others times I said hi he just said it but with no smile. :(

So I just left him alone.

But now he has a girlfriend that he always kisses(he doesn't know I saw them) I saw them when I was walking by to go to my bus.

So what happened?

I really like him though, can you help me?


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  • I don't know. Why is the moon made out of cheese?