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Why would a guy stare at you with a blank face but not talk to you and then get a girlfriend? (please help)?

This guy used to stare at me( a lot, it wasn't a coincidence) with a blank face a lot but he never talked to me(but I said hi a few times with a... Show More

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  • I don't know. Why is the moon made out of cheese?

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  • He sounds like a serial killer. Stay away from him.

  • How does one stare with blankness?

    How does one feel with no touch?

    How does one see

    THAT HE HAS A Girlfriend AND ONLY wished to have the hibbidy dibbidy with you in the first place and nothing else...

  • He was watching your behavior... The other girl he was also watching seem to fit him better. Her behavior a reflection of her personality was more attractive to him. I do the same thing. I watch a number of good looking girls and look for things I like. Those girls that show themost potential I talk to and maybe date.

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  • he has crush on you maybe,thats why he stared at you always:)dont take it seriously,just ignore it like nothin:):) she just staring at you because your pretty,period:)

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