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How to know if he has changed his cheating/player ways?

So I've been dating this guy for a few months. And he has consistently treated me very well, wants to see me all the time, texts/emails daily, wants... Show More

Thanks everyone for your responses. Obviously I need to be cautious. He is just so convincing and I'd like to believe he's 'innocent until proven guilty'... but I also need to protect myself.

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  • Dont forget that players are extremely charming and will generally sweep you off your feet in the beginning-too good to be true almost,they will tell you everything you want to hear to reel you in-its part of the game.

    If you find yourself thinking he's perfect and too good to be true-he probably is.

    They also tend to say "your different,i never wanted to commit until I met you" what else can they say afterall-"Im still a player id just like to play you now"?

    Imo players very rarely change,only the woman they are playing does.

    Also,its not a f-ked up game to them its a challenge-chase it,catch it-move on to the next.

    Listen to your instinct.

    Im not a player myself but I did waste a lot of time on one ;o)

What Guys Said 2

  • Update: "He is just so convincing and I'd like to believe.."

    If a player wasn't convincing, his player-career wouldn't go (have gone) far. Of course a player will try to make you to like to believe whatever he tells you.

    See him as a salesman. A good salesman can sell cars, computers, shoes, mortgages, investment funds (just knowing the basics about what he sells) or HIMSELF. This the reason is why good salesmen have high incomes: they first sell themselves to the employer -at the best price, of course!), then themselves to the customer, then they sell the products from their employer to the customer.

  • players change, but not for long usually... Their pleasure is the hunting and the trophy rather than being in couple.

    Once they have caught their prey, they look out for the next one.

    No, I'm not a player but I saw & met many.

What Girls Said 2

  • I was told the same thing by a guy who claimed he "used" to be a player. But, my judgement was right. He did not change which is why I let him go. I'd say in most cases, people do not change. They are just so used to doing what they are doing but in other cases, they do. Maybe since he is 25 and becoming older, he is starting to see his lifestyle will not be able to go on forever. But best of luck hopefully he does change :)

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