When someone tells you sweet dreams??

GUYS--when you tell a girl/guy sweet dreams. What is it that you want her/him to say back to you?

GIRLS---when a guy/girl tells you sweet dreams. What do you say back to him/her


Most Helpful Girl

  • Ok, it depends on who says it to you lol

    If your Mom or Dad says it too you I'll say "Goodnight Love you"

    But then if a boyfriend says it I'd say something cute like "Only of you" or "I'll dream of you" or less or more than that depending on the relationship.

    Usually if a friend or w/e says it (lol) I say it back to them either returning it exactly or saying "You too"

    -So yep, there are many different answers to this question lol

    Hope I was a little of a help to you =] I specialize in these types of questions lol