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Do girls like their butt smacked?

Ok, I've been wondering about this for a while, because a girl recently smacked my butt at work, and I didn't care. Keep in mind, this girl was... Show More

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  • lol...DON'T!

    (1) it's a total disregard of personal space - disrespectful

    (2) girl's sexuality is attached to their emotional feelings toward a guy. It's one thing to hear so-and-so thinks you're hot (nice ego boost) it's quite another to have so-and-so actually touch!

    (3) It comes across as sexual and only sexual. She won't believe you if later you tell her she is funny, interesting etc...she'll be thinking, "yeah sure, I know what you're after smooth-talker!"

    ...it's a different matter if you were actually dating. That could be a turn on for a girl - depends on the girl. However its a good rule to not touch without permission, ESPECIALLY AT WORK

What Girls Said 5

  • lol, "Keep in mind, this girl was ugly, but I didn't care" ur too funny & I agree with Whoppers12, make sure she's into you. I f I was into A guy I really like I'll let him...

    • "ur too funny" -hehe, she pretty much said the same thing. And yeah, I think I'll just restrain myself on smacking her butt, at least until I can make her mine, lol.

  • dont do it not yet at least

    make sure she's into you

    and hahaha that girl was ugly that's funny

  • I would like it if my boyfriend did it, but I don't want some guy I might not be interested in doing it. I would be creeped out and stay away from him. I'd say it's a little too risky...

  • Well it dependz on the girl if she likes you she will love that you payed attention to her but if she doesn't then that all depends on her peronality.

What Guys Said 2

  • It's a very dangerous thing to attempt in a work environment. Don't even try it.

  • I think most girls would say no to public, but yes to private (when you're having sex). but then again, maybe that's just the girls I've dated :)

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