Do girls like their butt smacked?

Ok, I've been wondering about this for a while, because a girl recently smacked my butt at work, and I didn't care. Keep in mind, this girl was ugly, but I didn't care, and it made me feel better.

I'm talking about in a PUBLIC place. Like there's this (other) girl I've been flirting with at work, and she seems into me, and I REALLY wunna smack her butt when nobody else is around, but I don't know if I should. I just don't want some sexual harassment thing popping up, you know?

Girls, what do you think? A guy you flirt with at work smacks your butt when nobody is around but the two of you/when nobody's looking... is it ok?


Most Helpful Girl

  • lol...DON'T!

    (1) it's a total disregard of personal space - disrespectful

    (2) girl's sexuality is attached to their emotional feelings toward a guy. It's one thing to hear so-and-so thinks you're hot (nice ego boost) it's quite another to have so-and-so actually touch!

    (3) It comes across as sexual and only sexual. She won't believe you if later you tell her she is funny, interesting etc...she'll be thinking, "yeah sure, I know what you're after smooth-talker!"'s a different matter if you were actually dating. That could be a turn on for a girl - depends on the girl. However its a good rule to not touch without permission, ESPECIALLY AT WORK