What does it mean when a man tells you, "you are a special woman"?

He tells me I am a special woman. He says he respects me and my feelings. He said he wants to take his time because I am special. So what does this mean? I do know he was in a relationship 3 months ago and he got hurt. The same for me. Said he wanted to take things slow.


Most Helpful Guy

  • He means to say that he respects you for who you are. He's opening up to you in a sense. You are an important part of his life and he wanted you to know that. If you are special to him then he realizes what a catch you are and that he's interested in you. He doesn't want you to get away because you mean something to him.

    He may very well want to take things slow as he was just hurt by a former relationship. This is totally natural, so just go with it. If you can both agree to take things slow then that's great. You're both on the same page and it'll be easier to anticipate where the other wants to go.

    If he respects you and your feelings then he may very well have feelings for you. Assuming you like him, he probably likes you as well. There is the chance that while he respects you and your feelings he cannot share in them, so he would like to place impromptu boundaries on the relationship you two share. Be this the case, some reference to being "just friends" will be made. If not, he likes you for you, so be happy about it and see where things go from there.