Do guys like it when girls show their bra straps and stuff like parts of their bras?

even if it accidental and not too slutty or anything?


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  • My guy certainly does.

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  • It's just normal.

  • Guys know how worried about appearing "slutty" girls are. Which mean that they know that anything having to do with a girl's appearance is very carefully monitored and maintained by the girl. Everything from what she's wearing, to how she's wearing it, to how she's moving her body, to how she's looking at someone, to her facial expression, etc.

    So when something is there, guys know it's there because she wants it to be there; never by "accident"

    There's no such thing as an "accident" when it comes to a woman's appearance. Everything is calculated down to the last detail.

    So when a guy sees a girl with her bra strap sticking out; the only thing that he's thinking is.. "she's trying to turn guys on; she's trying to attract sexual attention onto herself"

    That's all a guy can logically infer.. he can make assumptions.. but that's the only valid inference he can make..


    - She's single and looking for find a guy

    - for a relationship

    - or just for sex

    - She has low self esteem

    - or daddy issues

    - and is looking for male attention

    - to comfort her insecurities

    - validate her low-self-esteem

    - and feel better about herself

    From a hunter's POV, this is interesting prey.

    The "I'm not a slut, I have respect for myself & my body, I'm not easy" types are probably the easiest to take down. All there is, is just fear that the guy is just going to want her for sex and then leave her. So it requires "sniping", patiently waiting it out, being very aware & perceptive, letting her feel cared for, appreciated, special, until she can feel comfortable & safe; take your shot and go home.

    But the "daddy issues, hot emotional mess, Alicia Silverstone in Excess Baggage" type is far more interesting. She's not predictable. There's no redundant routine of behaviors that is common to most other women that she displays. Which is why she's fun. You sort of don't know what's real and what's fake. It's a rich learning experience, combined with the thrill of playing with fire; or at least the promise of both. She's an untamed animal you want to tame; even though you know, that's probably just a fantasy, and that some wild cats simply can never be domesticated.

    She might give you a blowjob while you're driving, you might have two nights of amazing hot mind-blowing sex; and then you won't hear from her for a week. And then she'll call on a Thursday to ask you what you're doing next weekend. And when you want to be romantic & emotionally close & intimate with her; she just creates emotional distance and talk about bringing her bi friend over, and if you're okay with filming a movie together.

    When you allow for such an "accident" in your appearance, you attract a specific group of guys.

    - Bored

    - Fun/thrill seekers

    - Confident, but wicked

    You do filter out guys just looking for one thing, but that's because you're such a departure from the norm; that the guys you DO attract who want a relationship with you, are probably nuts in some way to begin with.

  • Yep. But not if they're dirty.

  • It will make us notice and does make a girl seem more "dirty" not necessarily a slut, but possibly looking for that sexual attention.

    However, from bras guys tend to look at other areas and if purely based on this physical attraction of added bits will we decide if we like it or not.

    Bra straps + Good figure/Face/breasts = like

    Bra straps + overweight/coinslot/not pretty face = Dislike

    Doesn't mean either person is better or worse than the other, just on first impressions.

  • Yes, I like it. I like being able to see the entire bra. It's even better when the bra is flimsy enough that her boobs jiggle and wiggle with her every step or movement.

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  • what do you think? it gets guys thinking about their bra...

  • They better like it, because I honestly don't care wether or not my bra straps are showing. Everyone wears one, so it's no big deal.

    • Yea what so bad about bra straps`? having your boobs jump into a guy's face is another thing tho

  • bra straps are one thing.

    the actual cups completely another.

    like I knew a girl (bless her it wasn't her fault) who went somewhere and whose shirt was very obviously falling down to reveal her bra (not even that much of it, but still). she was so embarrassed, but all those guys though she was a huge slut. it didn't help that it was quite a slutty bra.

  • that how I wear it

  • well some guys do but those are the punks who just want one thing but the sweet ones say I'm sorry but you bra straps showing

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