He stares into my eyes and it becomes creepy..

When I'm talking to this one guy, he is always smiling and looking into my eyes for such a long time that it becomes very uncomfortable. Could this mean he likes me? Because aren't you SUPPOSED to look at someone's eyes when you're talking to them...


Most Helpful Guy

  • yes! he is trying to give off that impression that he thinks you are attractive, and we all know that a lot girls like it when a guy is looking into their eyes and not their chest

    don't be creeped out by it, he doesn't realize how long he's been staring into your eyes for to make it seem like it would be uncomfortable for you

    if you like this guy and you end up dating him and he's still doing that creepy long stare, tell him later on like in the third week or something, but don't make it awkward for him when you tell him cause you never know maybe he really does enjoy looking into your eyes