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He stares into my eyes and it becomes creepy..

When I'm talking to this one guy, he is always smiling and looking into my eyes for such a long time that it becomes very uncomfortable. Could this... Show More

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  • yes! he is trying to give off that impression that he thinks you are attractive, and we all know that a lot girls like it when a guy is looking into their eyes and not their chestdon't be creeped out by it, he doesn't realize how long he's been staring into your eyes for to make it seem like it would be uncomfortable for youif you like this guy and you end up dating him and he's still doing that creepy long stare, tell him later on like in the third week or something, but don't make it awkward for him when you tell him cause you never know maybe he really does enjoy looking into your eyes

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  • Looking into someone's eyes is only a sign of giving them your attention. It's perfectly acceptable to glance away for a given period of time. If he is being creepy, remind him that it bothers you to have people stare. If you don't tell him, he doesn't know what to fix- because he is probably accustomed to giving his sole attention to the speaker of the conversation, or to the girl he is interested in.~ ArtistBBoy

  • It means he has respect for you to say the least. Most guys have a problem staring at a girl's boobs when talking to her. So he is trying very hard to at least keep his eyes focused on your face, so that he can act like a gentleman. So it can mean he likes you.

    • Yea I can't rmemeber the last time I talked to a girl without at least getting a glance at her t*ts

    • LOL.. =]

  • Maybe it is one of two things; to be engaged in deep eye contact he may be trying to let you know he wants to get to know you further and wants to show that he is a competent listener, an ability many men don't seem to have! The alternative might be quite different, he may be tempted to look at you generally in an admiring way but does not want you to think he is 'too forward'. I remember when I was a teenager enjoying discussion and debate but being tempted to look at my companion or date and compliment her on her dress or the way her hair was nicely dressed. The compliments did not come easily and I did not want the ladies to think I wanted to go further too quickly. There is another possibility - he may have been with another lady previously who was the possessive or jealous type who deemed that looking elsewhere was a sort of "straying". Young men are very impressionable and sometimes 'trained' without their being aware of it!Might be an idea to tell him how you feel, as a man I would appreciate a lady telling me in a gentle sort of way.

  • Yes you are supposed to look someone in the eye when speaking. However many people, me included, have difficulty doing so. Here is what you do: Watch when he's talking to other people. Does he look them eye as well? If your the only one he looks dead in the eye when speaking to it is possible he has some feelings for you. That being said it could just mean he is more comfortable talking to you for some other reason.

  • He is probably looking for a really romantic moment but he is not going about doing it the right way, you should tell him, or ask him to not look so creepy.

  • i never knew it was wrong for looking into a girls eyes. but you probly have beautiful eyes and he gets lost in them. I know when I talk to my friends I get lost in their eyes all the time

    • Im such a sucker for pretty colored eyes, thank god I was blessed with pretty decent light brown eyes my ONLY good quality

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    • Ok by the sounds of it you have truly unique eyes and I know if I was him I would be staring into those things for hours aswell. I find eys to be the most attractive thing on someone. and I love staring deeply into them. too bad you don't have a pic of your eyse up so we can see how unique they really are

  • this guy probably does not know how to flirt

  • You are supposed to look into people's eyes when talking to them. The double-standard is that males only do this when showing sexual interest, which is rather false, but at any rate if you find his gaze unnerving tell him.

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  • he could just be obnoxious. my first ex boyfriend was that, turned out he was indeed a creep. but hey, just get to know him first before doing anything and yeah he just might be doing that on purpose to bug you.

  • You're supposed to, yes, its polite and a sign of respect. However, if they don't break it every now and again (like you normally do) and they are looking directly into your eyes (normally we're actually looking other places on peoples faces or just below their eyes or above) then its either they like you or are trying to intimidate you. He's probably not trying to intimidate you because this would be more of a... he's about to attack you kind of thing. Which, I can tell you it isn't.If its creepy though, maybe just try to make less eye contact with him on your part to maybe give him the idea that you aren't comfortable without having to actually say, "ew, you're creepy".

  • My best guy friend does the SAME thing... =]

  • Maybe he is just being polite. The only way to know for sure is to observe his actions around other people. You could have a friend drop by while you two are talking, and have her start up a conversation with him while you just listen and do not comment. If he stares at her like he stares at you while they talk, he is most likely just being polite. If he talks to her, but his eyes wander toward you ocassionally, I'm sure he likes you.Just to be sure, note how he talks to other people when he doesn't know you are around at all. This might be more helpful becase if he was talking to you, him looking at ou could just mean that he wanted to continue the conversation.Hope this helps =]

  • I always stare into the eyes of the person that is talking. I do it to show them that I'm listening and that I'm interested. But I understand when you say it can get uncomfortable but I think just because you're not used to it. I notice too that when I stare into the eyes of the people I'm listening to be it guys or girls they turn away so now I turn away too sometimes to give a break but I feel that when I do that I look as I'm not interested.

  • It doesn't mean that he likes you, it could mean that, but it doesn't have to. When you're talking to someone you usually maintain eye contact throughout the conversation. I don't think this is his issue at all, I think it's yours. You're probably uncomfortable because of you, not because of him.

  • He love you.

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