He is always calling me babe, beautiful, ma when we text… Is this a sign of a player?

I met this guy just a little over a week ago (two weeks on Friday.)

The moment I saw him, he comes up to me with a beer. I accept and said thank you. About 15 min later I go out side to talk with the smokers and he was out there. I didn’t have a jacket on and he noticed it, so he decides to go in to get his jacket for me. He told me “a beautiful girl like me should have a jacket on.” I mean, it was nice of him. I said thanks and gave it back to him when we went inside. I then went downstairs where people were playing beer pong. I guess 10 min later he came down and started talking with some other people and then walks up to me and says “damn you got some sexy eyes.” And again I said thanks. But honestly I wasn’t buying those bullsh*t pick-up lines. So I went upstairs and mingled, then left.

A little over a week later (Sunday) I was hanging out with my good friends who brought that guy over to the party. They were talking about how nice the guy is and how polite he is, la, la, la, la… So I started asking questions. They told me he was a Giants fan… and at that point all I could think of was “holy crap, I hit jack pot.” I asked them for his number and they gave it to me. I started to text him and he wanted to hang out so we hung out on Monday. I went over to his house to play cards and watch a movie (we only kissed!). I mean I had a great time. He was quite the gentleman and he is very respectful of his mother. He kept telling me how beautiful I was and asked me all these questions about what I’m looking for and he said one day he wouldn’t mind being my boyfriend. I was like “wow, are you some kind of pick-up artis?” he told me no he wasn’t saying that to get any and wasn’t planning on doing it that night. We pretty much texted all day, yesterday. He asked if I was seeing anyone. He told me yesterday that he’d been thinking about me all day. He calls me babe, beautiful, and ma all the time. I was hanging out with another girlfriend of mine last night and she was telling me how chill he was. Everyone is talking about this guy!

Now… do I think things are moving too fast? Yes. But is it because he really likes me or wants to hit it?

What I would like to think is that he really does like me and is interested. But in reality, I know I have to be cautious of this behavior. I mean, damn he is a perfect 10 but am I being deceived?


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  • Listen to your instincts, girl.. they're almost always correct.. A woman's intuition is the best weapon against these charming scam artists out there.. When something is too good to be true, there's always a catch.. Like a beautiful Prada bag that goes for just under $100... You know damn well it's a knock-off.

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      Hmmmm, interesting.