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He is always calling me babe, beautiful, ma when we text… Is this a sign of a player?

I met this guy just a little over a week ago (two weeks on Friday.) The moment I saw him, he comes up to me with a beer. I accept and said thank... Show More

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  • Listen to your instincts, girl.. they're almost always correct.. A woman's intuition is the best weapon against these charming scam artists out there.. When something is too good to be true, there's always a catch.. Like a beautiful Prada bag that goes for just under $100... You know damn well it's a knock-off.

    • Hmmmm, interesting.

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  • Yes, he is either confused or a player..or both! It sounds like you are in a hurry!

  • He's a player. Sorry to to tell you. But, just in case, next time you're with him go somewhere like a club or a party and watch the way he interacts with other people. If he's very outgoing and everyone loves him, he is most likely a player. Does he where clothing that is bright in color? - another indication of someone who is very confident and egotistical (ie. player). There are many subtleties that can tell you what kind of person he is. Just do a little research.

    Good Luck!

  • If I didn't know better, I'd think you were describing me. Although, I wouldn't call you "ma".

    It's funny how us nice guys always get a "hmmmmm" from women. I was told just last night by a female friend that a lot of women I know give me that "hmmmm" all the time. Like someone said below, "if it seems to good to be true, there's always a catch..." Sure the catch could be that he really is a great guy and is out for the best of interest for the both of you and you'll be too damn cautious and screw the whole damn thing up.

    You'll hear a lot of women talking about "I like bad boys..." Ok fine. Is that because you know what you'll get from a bad boy? There is no wondering involved that this bad boy is probably out for only one thing and it saves you from the emotional stress later on? If that is true than the "nice guys" are always so "sketchy" to give into because the "nice guys" are the guys most women want, but ones that hurt you the most. So give us nice guys the "hmmmm" instead of giving us a chance to prove ourselves.

    Give the guy a chance. Be slightly cautious and open up more as you see fit. Don't judge him negatively as a "player" because he's got game.

  • If you want to test it say "I don't have sex until I am really in a serious relationship" or better yet until your married. However, some guys that are generally nice guys may be mistaken for players.

  • Ill just be straight up. I'm a good looking guy and I've had sex with ALOT of girls. Honestly if he's doing that he just wants to get some. But if you want to find out for sure just say when your hooking up be like "i don't have sex until I'm dating someone" (whether that's true or not) , He will either get lost or stay ... if anything it might turn him on that you arnt that easy. :)

  • If any guy appears over confident too quickly chances are they are a player...if they compliment you...time and tim again, while not engaging in a real convo. The writing is on the wall...I don't know why girls always seem to fall for it. Then again, players are EXCELLENT at manipulating emotions...and being that girls are driven more by there emotions, they are almost tricked I guess...not sure though.

  • i think you have scored a great guy

    i think he likes you and means what he says, you should give him a shot

  • cant jdge based on words

What Girls Said 11

  • not necessarily. he probably likes you. and he's doing a lot to prove he likes you. I think go for it. :)

  • Girl, I wish I were that lucky but I always get played, dang it!

  • decived, he's a player and deep down you know it. him being nice to your mother dosnt have ZIP to do with how he treats a girfriend, and whenever a guy calls you sexy THAT fast, you know what he's thinking, (its even in the word itself). He may be nice now but there's two options, blow him off now or wait and see if he still likes you when you withhold from sex for a little while, if he goes a month without bugging you once, then he could be a nice guy. but if its less than a month and he's ALREADY pressuring you, then yeah, he dosnt really like YOU. good luck :)

  • Many guys say those things to girls.. just a way of talking. But if you think about it if he wanted to play u, would he go as far as you meeting his mom?

    I will give it a try, but be careful it seems that you really afraid to actually think this guy really likes u, but that he wants to play with u. You say ur "good friends" told you he was a nice guy. Why would they lie for him. How long to they know him? enough for them to know how he really is? if so ur friends wouldn't lie & let him hurt you. Give yourself a chance get to know him well. Don't move to fast because this might make you over think things like you doing right now. Take it slow, players are willing to spend sometime with a girl they want but noot that much time, they get tired of chasing and move on to an easier target. So only with time you will know. Maybe this guy is your "perfect 10" you don't wanna miss this chance. :)

  • It's some sort of bravado. No one genuine texts things like that, even if some people are used to saying such things in person--in some subcultures it's just everyday talk.

    • Right, I get that and understand that. But because he's being sooo bold does it mean he's trying to play me or wants to get my attention because he is interested?

    • NOt NECESSARILY He could be just making a show of what a bold guy he is...trying to impress you.

    • Looks to me like it worked

  • ya what the f*** just try it dammm ant that bad

  • yes he's a playa! trust me those are all the signs of a player and me and my home grlz [we all have gotten played by guys half the time of all our realtionships] and we noticed the one line every paya uses iis "hey beautiful" or iif not exsactly that line datz da word yu gotta luk out fo beautiful. c ok me and my grlz have been around and wiit many guyz and here iis sumiin we figrued out,


    iif a guy calls you beautifu, fine, or a cutie he's a playa


    iif a guy calls you cute or pretty he's gud lolz


    iif a guy callz yu sexy or anythinq kinda liike that iitz sorta hard tew say he culd be in the #2's or he culd nawt b respect full. iitz kinda hard tew say fo #3

  • i think he does like you , he seems interested, but at the same time I bet he wants to have sex with you , come on he's a guy lol... but he seems sincere enough to give him a chance .

  • f*** dude I'm in the same situation

    idk I'm doing a little "investigation" haha, get to know his friends

    cus there the ones that know everything about him..

  • Sounds like a player to me, Not trying to be mean or anything. But I mean, Trust me girl, I been through that whole situation of the texting thing. I mean who hasn't? I had a player texting me all that kind of bullsh*t too. But I mean, You never; Maybe he really likes. But somehow you just gotta find that on your own :].

    -Just be careful of what he'll do.

    Don't move on too fast.

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