My girlfriend is ALWAYS mean to me. what can I do?

She never plays around with me anymore. Anytime I try to joke with her or tickle her, she just shrugs me off. She never comes up and hugs me and never kisses me...i always am the one doing these things to her. I don't mind being nice, but I'd like some loving too? Anyways she has been mean to me anytime I try to talk to her. She won't hold a conversation and barely interacts with my while I'm sitting next to her. strangely she is somewhat normal outside of school, but its slowly been getting worse there too. what's even weirder is that she's actually totally normal over text? sometime sweet even? I've tried talking to her, but nothing really happens. WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO!?Just leave her alone completely for a while? I'm afraid then she might get mad and it would only pull us apart farther?

(btw she's not just on her period, all of this has been going on for about a month)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Satisfy her sexually or just leave her the hell alone!