Why do guys feel the need to talk about other girls in front of you?

Like why do they sit there and say omg she's so hot I'd f*** her. Like we don't care so why say it? Are they trying to make us jealous or make us feel like were nothing? I mean what's the point in it?


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  • Because those particular guys are cowardly, ignorant jackasses.


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  • There are talkers and doers in life , those who need to chat about it are generally all mouth and no action , but if this is a guy you are dating then you should be dumping his a** straight away , he is showing a total lack of respect for you , if this guy is just a friend, perhaps select your mates a bit more carefully and hang around with people who have a bit more respect and know how to conduct themselves in front of a lady.

    • I know a guy who talked and did. This totally drove me nuts, showed me the lack of respect he had for woman, and people in general. I drew a line in the sand about his language and it cost me some of the "priveledges" I had with him. However, now he doesn't talk about other woman around me. Try it.

    • You are SO RIGHT, that's exactly what I think and I have been in this situation before and I told the guys could you please stop I don't wanna know these things even tough they were 25 they are just stupid so I stoped hanging out with them because they made me fell like a man and I am a girl

  • haha I know what you mean we just say it without noticing it I don't think its intentionally trying to get you jealous for me atleast. If its around friends we joke with our homies for fun I never noticed girls get mad about it though lol

    • I do. because especially if I've had a sexual relationship with that guy it makes me feel like I'm just nothing and knowing I look good or better than her and I could f*** him the same way she would, I just don't get it it bothers me.

  • Immaturity and inconsideration... there's rarely a point to it. Guys don't usually play games like that.

    Talking about other girls is normal... the above just extends to when you're in his presence

  • If he is your boyfriend then he doesn't care about your feelings and you should leave him. If he isn't then he must think of you as "just one of the guys" Because we make those kind of comments all the time. We just don't say them in front of the girls we care about.

    • Well the guys I hang around I've had sex with though so its like they are trying to make me jealous.

  • Maybe he's just saying what's on his mind without thinking about you...guys do that sometimes.

  • Not all guys do this, but usually they just do it out of instinct, it's like why do girls always talk about guys?

    guys talk about girls and girls talk about guys

    on the slight occasion it's to make girls jealous, because some guys are asses like that

  • He's just trying to show you that he has other options, and that he is sexual. It works with some women who have an I.Q. lower than that of a gold fish. but you don't seem to be like that. Believe me my GFs and friends told me stories of guys like that, they always end up in dissapointment. The underlying meaning of that statment most of the time is that he wants to fuc* you!

    • So your saying that when a guy talks about another girl in front of you he's saying he wants to have sex with me?

    • No I think he's trying to show off that he can get girls or ya try to make you jealous.

  • You are dealing with a very young mind. One that is fasinated and controled by women; he feels you are already in control of the relationship and if you broke it off he would not have a clue. :)

  • hes trying to impress you.

    • How so?

    • Hes young and stupid. he's trying to up his worth by showing you he has options

    • That makes sense.

  • He probably put you in the friend zone because it's something you say to your buddies.

  • boys have one thing on their minds, SEX. males are vizually stimulate (as hard as that might be to understand) Men are those who are able to controle theor sex drives

    its been said like this "boys have sex to have a relationship Men have a (marital) relationship to have sex"

    if the males you hang out with are truly that sexually driven, don't hang out with them

    • All of them are but they are around the age of 17 and 18 so its normal

  • He's not trying to do anything, that's just how we talk..if anything it meens that your good enough friends to be comfertable saying that in front of you knowing (or thinking) that ur not gunna care

    • Well I hang around guys that I've had sex with and its weird that they talk about girls in front of me like I'm invisible and they emphasize it so much.

    • I know exactly what your talking about girl... and your like wow I really wanted to know what you want to do to that girl that just walked by. ugh soo annoying

    • Hell yeah it is.

  • My girlfriend talks about other guys in front of me, so I'm just gonna steal this advice, k thanks :D

  • most guys who do that probably arn't worth it because they're either trying to take advantage of jelousy or completely obtuse when it comes to a girls reactions and feelings.

  • Why do we say it? Well, girls don't really understand this, but: GUYS SAY THINGS BECAUSE THEY MEAN IT.

    Not every action a boy makes has a 2nd intention...usually it's because that's how it is.

    I say I'd bang a girl, both to my male friends and to my female friends.

    • Well honestly the females don't give a sh*t. I bet if the females were to come to you and say so and so is so fine he's packing I wanna f*** him..what would you do? or feel like?

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    • I personally don't think a girl is a slut if she says that kind of thing. I think of her as being sure open and honest. I would rather that than the head games that get played all the time.

    • Right on! :)

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  • I think if you are just friends, or he doesn't know you very well he probably said it without thinking you'd care and just said it cause he thought the girl was hot. But if you're in some kind of relationship with him, he should know better and probably did it to make you jealous. Or if he's heard you saying that about a guy he might be doing it to reciprocate what you did.

  • Ik I hate wen guys do that

  • The boys who say that are shallow empty immature morons. You need to hang out with different guys, who are aware of a girl's feelings and can focus on her all evening.

    • All guys are like that. The difference between most guys and the guys you are telling her she should hang out with is that some are more cautious who is around when we make that kind of comment. I would NEVER say "Damn she is hot I want to f**k her" with my wife around. But in the company of JUST my guy friends, it is ok.

  • One of my good friends started doing this to me (I think when he found out I wanted to 'date' him and not just have sex- we never had sex though). Anyway, the story goes he starts talking about all these girls around me like "I would so want to f*** her" "She's hot!" By the end of the night I told him he was embarrassing me and didn't talk to him for about a week after. It wasn't angry silence, I just didn't want to talk to him; his whole charade was a complete turn off for me.

    Not saying this guy is the same or anything, but if you don't like it, then you don't have to put up with it.

    • It also helps to have other prospects, lol

  • depends on which guy. because if he were just one of my friends, no biggie. but if its my man talking like that "omg, she so hot I wanna do her". uhm that's another story, he might end up single after. lol. I want ma man to ma self. I kno I sound selfish and jealous but hey every girlfriend would be too. and its insulting if he ever says that. :)

    • Okay what if your friends with a guy that you've had sex with at least four times. Do they do it to make you jealous then?

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    • EXACTLY.THATS right girl! let's see how he feels. lol keep me posted!

    • I shall do that :)

  • I think guys say it because they don't think it bothers us. When they hang out with us, I think they think about us like we're one of the guys. And because of this, they don't censor their language.

  • i hope this guy isn't your boyfriend ... if he is just a friend he is full of it .. the ones that talk the most don't deliver results

  • Yes...I know! I think it is bad breeding...and also an attempt to perhaps disempower the women in the company of, or, the guys are nervous...whatever the reason it is unacceptable and odd. We are not blokes and do not enjoy that type of conversation. I have pondered on the best things to do in these situations, having nurtured a relationship where this was "out of control" into one that has matured and is respectful. If it is a group of guys, as SOON as that talk starts, say somehting like "oh, excuse me a moment, I am suddenly feeling very sick...I think I am going to vomit..."and leave or just leave every time it starts, they will soon get the message. Or come straight out and ask them what the point is?please explain the nature or intention of this disgusting talk in front of girl becasue it is a complete turn off.

  • most of the times guys are always thinking with their d*** and can't help it some guys are more blunt than others and would actually say it doesn't mean the quiet ones are not thinking the same!

  • Well most guys will do it if they like you but they're not all the way sure they want you to know. And if you already have an idea that he might then he'll talk about other girls so you won't think you're the only one he's after.

  • if its ur boyfriend he's insensitive and you should flip the script on him. start talking about how hot some other guy is and that you wish you could date a guy like that..

    • I have done that. But its not a boyfriend, like I've had sex with this dude about 4 times and were friends but he seems to talk about other girls around me and I never hear of him doing it any other time. Is he trying to make me jealous?

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    • Yeah he really should be more respectful, I agree. especially if you had sex before and there were feelings there..this guy seems a bit jerky

    • He can be sometimes.