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How to deal with a moody boyfriend?

Howdy, I'm just wondering how the be way to deal with a boyfriend who is sometimes moody. He's not moody all the time, but every once in a while,... Show More

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  • my boyfriend can be moody too Especially when he is not feeling good (he has a lot of back pain). We took a trip the other day and he was hurting and was kind of grumpy. I just kept laughing and joking and tried to be symapthetic , but didn't focas on it - and when I was getting annoyed myself , I took a little walk. He kind of caught on then and started trying to be nicer. I never said a word about him being moody, but later he came to me and said he was sorry and I deserved to be treated better he also said how I was an awsome girlfriend for being so nice that day. My point is. I could have been grumpy too. We would have been stuck in a truck together all day, ended in a big fight. So on and so forth. As it was, we had a nice day. It wasn't perfect, but it had some very good spots. And maybe next time he will remember how he felt after being so moody when I was not and try a little harder to be up beat. And if not - I will still feel better. It is better to laugh then cry. That's not saying you should let him get away with treating you bad because he is in a bad mood or anything like that, just don't let him bring you down. Maybe your mood might even lift him up. Best of luck ;)

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  • depending on how close you guys are try to stay positive, sometimes I'll have a really really off day, and just being with her when she's positive can help pull me out of it. we tend to mirror each other tho, and if we're together we're always happy (unless 1 of us is severely depressed that day over something big, during which we both get kinda mellow.

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  • I just ignore my guy. He just wants to be left alone sometimes and having a girfriend nag you about sometimes makes it worse... Let him know he can come to you but then back off and stay happy! Guys don't usually discuss what's on their minds like us gals do.

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