Are you flattered by someone who has a crush on you?

do guys ever think about girls who they know like them? are you flattered when a girl likes you even if you don't like her? the guy I like knows I like him and acts super awkward and weird and I get the vibe he's not interested even though he really likes me as a friend. I hate the fact he knows I like him cause its made things super awkward do you think he hates the fact I like him cause I get super embarrassed and cringe at the thought of him knowing I like him.


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  • Depends how much they like me... I've had people tell me they've had a crush on me, and I'm fine with that, it doesn't make me feel awkward or anything. But I've had a friend tell me she was secretly in love with me, It was a shock, something I'd probably have accepted if she hadn't tried to force things to happen which just freaked me out since she was pretty much the exact opposite of who I'd date. I think most times it wouldn't bother me, I'd not feel flattered either... Mostly because I can't imagine why anyone would feel that way about me.


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  • Personally, if I found out a girl liked me I would be quite flattered as long as they were slightly attractive, probably because I refuse few compliments of this kind. However, this will depend on the guy, he might like you but he just doesn't know how to handle it and move on to the next stage.

  • 9 times out of 10, it would be a good thing. Iit would be awesome if the feelings were mutual, but that's not always the case. The 1 time out of 10 where it wouldn't be all that great is if the other person's infatuation was aggressively strong and misplaced. Back in my totally-shy days, there was a girl in my 8th grade class named Samantha who was interested in me...the problem (besides the fact that it wasn't mutual) was how she chose to express that interest.

    In our English class, she wrote a two-page theme paper about her crush on me and **read it aloud to our entire class**. I was beyond embarrassed...and slunk down in my seat so far that I was thissss close from melting into the floor.

    • Thankyou that helped a lot :) just wondering though from a guys point of view the guy I like who knows I like him now acts super awkward around me even though he thinks I'm a really nice genuine girl and I'm not flirty or full on with him at all I hardy even speak to him now cause its to awkward. why do you think he acts like this? before he found out I liked him he thought I was an awesome chick and was always happy to see me but now its like he can't stand to be around me.

    • You're a bit too picky there Nmman.

    • You're entitled to your opinion, but I disagree. The girl in question came on much too strong at the time, but more importantly, the situation I described in my post happened 14 years ago...a lot has changed in my life since then.

  • Sometimes yes.

    Last time that happened was when I was dating this one girl recently, and she laughed and told me her girlfriend thought I was hot.

    I don't know her friend, and I never met her in my life, but the fact that she thought I was hot made me feel pretty good.

    I find that unless a guy is CRAZY-ATTRACTIVE, they don't get many direct compliments, girls just don't come up to us and compliment us like we do for girls.

    So if I found out a girl had a crush on me, unless she was super-ugly, I'd see it as a compliment.

  • Sure.

  • Maybe I shouldn't answer this but I don't think there has ever been that situation with me. Although my wife, when she was my fiance, said a girl was flirting with me, I just wouldn't know it if she flat out told me. I have a very low self esteem so I can only wish that a girl even once thought "he is kinda cute",

    So I guess I would say that if it were possible for your instance to exist with me, then I would love it.

  • If someone has a crush on you its weird and awkward, its not real, its infatuation, not really good to go their in a relationship wise when it ends they will probably go psycho on you and get clingy, emotional blackmail, plead, threaten etc...

    • I know and I hate that he knows I like him cause it is just awkward and before he found out things were going good but now its just awkward and its the worst feeling ever I actually hate seeing him when I'm out cause I'm on edge the whole night and I feel he is to. do you have any advice on ways to ease the akwardness and turn things back to normal?

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  • i hope they are lol

    i tolled my best friend I liked him and he said he knew that but he does not want to date right now.

    but what got me was the next day he acted the same as alway so that made me happy, even though he knows I like him.

    the best think is to try you best to make it the way it was before