How do you guys feel about tickling?

Do you men only do it with girls your attracted to? Or would you do it with anyone including platonic female friends?

What about you girls? What has been your experience with men who just tickled you? Were they male platonic friends, boyfriends, crushes, etc?

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  • it's a borderline intimate thing, although I might try it with close female friends (in the platonic sense) - I've know the friend I'm thinking of for about 15 years - and family (my cousins, sisters-in-law, etc for example). it depends on the individual, and their likely reaction.

    so - a guy might tickle a girl he thinks of as part of the family; and he might also do it as a "try out" for physical contact. guys like physical contact & will make attempts at it which include tickling & play-fighting amongst others.

    • Reallllllly?

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    • Do you want him to? why not ask him?

    • I want him to do the asking...cause it would be easier that way but I think if he doesn't then I'm going to ahve to at some point.