Is the way a guy treats his mom a good indication of how he'll treat his girl?

Do you think the way a guy treats his mother is a good indication of how he'll treat you down the line? My boyfriend generally doesn't mistreat his mother and is mostly tolerant of her but him and his brother call her a bitch when she isn't around and my boyfriend even complains about her to... Show More

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  • I'm betting he just has problems controlling his temper. Oh. Plus his mother was probably annoying as hell, and so she deserved what she got.

    As for the mother-girlfriend comparison, I completely disagree. I treat my mother like crap, but she's earned it. We have a mutual understanding. Long story. Anyway, I treat people as they deserve to be treated - at least in my eyes. If anyone was to judge how I'd act towards a girlfriend by looking at how my mother and I get along, they'd run away screaming. They'd also be wrong. Assuming the girlfriend hadn't been a part of all the stuff that has gone on in my family, I'd have no reason to treat her like I treat them.