If a guy tell he thinks of you often, what does it mean?

He is the guy I have crush on him, but I am not sure if he gets the thing for me. Now, we are thousands mile apart. We use email and sometimes mail to stay in touch. In his mail, he tells he thinks of me often. When we were together, he bought me dinner, cooked dinner for me etc. But he never says he is interested in me. I wonder if he has that kind of thought :(


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  • im pretty sure he does.. guys don't say that easily unless theyre the major flirty type that says that to everyone. its just hard being in a long distance thing, and I think he says it just to reassure you that you are on his mind a lot and that you do matter to him. maybe he just thinks that what he does shows that he is interested in you, so he doesn't have to say it

    • Thanks for your comment. I am sure he is not that flirty type of person but I am not sure if he just thinks me as one of his good friends or he does have a thing for me. I know direct asking is the best way to know, however, it is not an easy stuff! Do you think I should ask him directly or not? Some more details to add here - he says he will fly to see me 5 months later.

    • well I've never had one of my friends tell me that I'm on their mind a lot lol.. if you really want to know then yes you should ask, maybe admit that you like him first but if its not that big of a deal, id actually just let it be the way it is. it seems to be going well, you don't want to have to talk about it and define it. sometimes that changes things.


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  • i think that he's actually into you, since he's buying you dinner and cooking for you and telling you that you're always on his mind. and he's not going to say that he's interested because that's direct point and he's sending you subliminal signs. but to be safe ask him what does he think about you and him being together?


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  • do you hint that you're into him?

    • no I am afraid of being rejected and I have no clues how to hint. Do you think I should make some hints to him?