Why do guys pretend they don't have feelings?

I have feelings. Guys have feelings. Many guys, not me, pretend we don't have feelings. Why? Because girls find it a turn off.

I always thought this was not true, and I still believe there is a portion of girls out there (who are the ones for me) who like to share feelings, but on this website it has been shown to me that whenever a guy lets out his feelings he gets seen as pathetic. So if you are most girls, stop complaining that guys don't show you what they are feeling. It's your fault.

Just sayin. Any thoughts?

ok great answers everyone but this has been going on for like nearly a month now so don't post any more answers please :) Do read the existing ones I think they pretty much cover it ^^ thank you everyone for your great answers!


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  • LOL.

    "I MEAN IT! PLEASE TOP ANSWERING. RAWWWWWRRRR :D lol. <3 I love you really but srsly shh." - A month ago

    ...And people are still answering ha ha :) Including myself. You should pick a best answer so that people will know that you're finished with this question already :)

    • ooh that's a good idea! Thank you XD

    • Haha, no problem :)

      I should thank you, actually...so thanks! xD

    • np lol

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  • I get angry when girls expect a guy to be bullet proof. They are only human as are we. I do believe there is a line between a whiner and a sensitive guy... but most guys aren't whiners. I think it's great when a guy shows they can be sensitive, and those girls who expect them to be perfect need to realize that they are in no position to judge for they do this very thing. In my eyes, a guy showing their sensitive side shows strength as they have the courage to put themselves out there for the chance of being shot down. So guys, please be sensitive, and just ignore those b****** who believe they are in the position to tell you what you can and cannot do.

  • Don't care if it's my fault or not I don't need/want to see a guy's feelings.

    • But its human nature its normal for humans to show feelings and that includes guys. You have to accept it even if you don't want to see it.

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    • Damn pixie girl...you need to get that layer of ice from around your heart. :-X

    • But it keeps it so well preserved. ^-^

  • Sensitive guys are kind of a turn off. I don't want to have to worry about hurting his feelings or if he took what I said the wron gway otherwise I would date a woman

    • I think you're confusing sensitive with emotional. I can be very sarcastic and let a lot of things slide off my back but I also have feelings and a heart. I don't go around like an emo kid whining about everything but I also like a certain amount of intimacy in my life. Unfortunately, many guys are too afraid to show this side to other guys; they have to be tough and always busting someones balls.

    • well to be honest my ideal would be a guy that is kind of tough or rough on the outside or around everyone else but has a soft spot for me. Feelings aren't bad or wrong but when I think of a sensitive guy I think of a person that is overly sensitive that you have to worry about that has "moods" and crap. And I don't want that I'm a blunt person, and yea if I said "your motther's dead" I'd hope he'd have an emotional reaction.

    • Thats exactly how I feel... Men shouldn't be emotional... That's a womans trait...

  • I do like it when men show their true feelings, and I don't like to have to push them, always asking if something is wrong, and you get a grunt for an answer. I think it takes a lot of nerve and guts to dare show your true feelings, and I don't think you should stop. There is of course a difference between being open and being overemotional, which is not appreciated by men nor women. I wouldn't want a man who clings on to my leg, but I surely don't want him to be a clamshell. We can't jump into each others head and have a peek, we need to communicate our feelings and express them.

  • I love when a guy shares his feelings. I actually PREFER the sensitive type. I don't want to

    date a f***ing rock.

    But it's not EVERY girls fault lol.. I never complained about being shown feelings =P

    I wish they did more.. So I would know what's going on instead of playing games.

    I think it's also the media and what not. I don't personally know many girls who ever

    complain about a sensitive guy...

    Most are actually on a never ending hunt to find one..

    But anyways.. I like it. There is nothing wrong with it at all. (:

    • I also think guys like this want EVERY girl to be at their beck and call and available to them. They don't realize that while many girls want the sensitive guy, it doesn't mean they have chemistry with everyone. Guys sometimes take that as an insult when ANY girl isn't into them and start making it about specific things about them and make global statements about women. It's not always some plot by women to hate you, guys.

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  • True, but you can't change the bigots.

  • I show what I am feeling in a relationship, but I've learned to limit just how much I show because women seem to completely lose interest if I show attachment. I often turn off my emotions simply out of a consciously activated defense mechanism. I realize how my emotions have begun to hinder me and reflect poorly on my life, so I turn off my emotions until I can correct the issues that I have become aware of in my life.

  • plain and simple, we don't want to feel like the female in the relationship.. Showing feelings and being emotional has always been more of a woman thing cause guys feel weird when we try to do it

  • Feelings are for pussies.

    I also vote we necro this topic every day.

  • Listen man, we all have feelings. Let 'em out it's healthy. Any girl tries to tell me I'm a p**** for that she can suck my balls and kiss my ass! She probably won't get to do it though because I'm not letting her within a mile of my genitals.

    Feeling sorry for yourself all the time is not showing feelings in my sense of the word though. Expressing feelings is a great thing to have. It's important to express them. But at the same time you can't let them run you.

    It can go bothways you know, you can let your feelings run you beign expressing them all the time and just being overwhelmed by them whenever they come, loosing all your ability to "be cool".

    Or you can front like you have no feelings, where you are essentially letting your feelings control you in a much more pervasive and unhealthy way. Shutting feelings out can be dangerous, litterally.

    The key is to let yourself have feelings, keep those feelings, express them in good measure but stay in control at the same time. That is real strength.

    • @you can front like you have no feelings, where you are essentially letting your feelings control you in a much more pervasive and unhealthy way. Shutting feelings out can be dangerous, litterally.

      true true;)

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