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Great conversation with her, BUT she never asks me questions?

Its been a week since our blind date and we have since seen each other a total of 4 times and its going great. She was super shy and nervous at... Show More

I've come to the conclusion that this is just the way she is, she doesn't want to pose questions either because it feels unnatural for her, or she doesn't know what to ask. I'm not worried anymore.

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  • It could be nerves. I get nervous really bad sometimes when just starting off again in the big ole dating world. I'm a really bad conversationalist. 1 on 1 conversations always make me feel SO awkward, and I get so worried about making things seem less awkward that I get nervous to ask questions.. sometimes they just escape my mind, and sometimes it's easier to get rid of that awkward feeling by just answering questions about myself because it's not something I have to think about when trying to think of things to say. Sometimes I feel like when I ask a question, and they answer it that I have to try and come back with something else to say on the subject after they answer. I'm really just super paranoid with 1 on 1 situations, and maybe she's the same way. It gets better with time, and as I get more comfortable with the person.

    • thats what I'm thinking. thanks

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  • She's not that interested.If she was nervous she'd want you to talk more. So hopefully she wouldn't have to speak much.

  • since she's obviously interested, she just doesn't know what or when to ask. ...or, if you already (unknowingly) answered all her immediate questions.

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