Why do girls never ask about me?

So basically when I go on dates, women expect me to drive the conversation 100%. If i don't constantly ask her questions about fun or profound aspects of her life, or I don't have funny annecdotes, then the conversation gets super awkward and quiet. Girls seem to never ask me any personal questions on a date, even though im asking about their life constantly. They're happy to talk about themselves, but of course its like they couldnt care less about me. Its funny because usually they end up asking the waiter more personal questions or something than me the entire fucking night.

Is it because, ladies, you're just not interested in me whatsoever? Are you just in it for a free date and some guy to entertain you, while you sit back and let me do all the work?

I think I actually have an interesting life too. I have a great internship, I have a variety of hobbies and friends, I am versed in philosophy, science, and history, Im a computer engineer, i've been to a variety of concerts and enjoy listening to a lot of music, I cook a lot of food, etc. So somehow I guess i am just completely uninteresting. It seems like women ask other guys plenty of questions though. its so frustrating. Many times when a girl just seems aloof and uninterested in me ill just say--"well I don't think you're that interested, so im going to pay the bill and leave. Have a good life because im never going to talk to you again."

This has literally happened hundreds of times. Its like so many women never reciprocate. Dating is horrible, completely unfun, and a chore. Its basically like a job you have to pay for that doesn't give anything back.


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  • Why don't you tell her about one interesting aspect of yourself first and see if she asks more to get the ball rolling?

    I think most people feel this way. I had this conversation once with a guy I was dating and I claimed all we talked about was him but he fiercely denied it saying all we talked about was me so I think everyone feels as though they aren't getting as much attention as they think they should get. Humans are pretty selfish by nature.

    • Normally what I do is ask her about stuff like what kind of music she likes, then occasionally ill be like--oh yeah! I went to a concert and saw them there, it was awesome. I mean if we recorded the date you would see that its literally me driving the conversation. Whenever I stop talking, things get awkward. That's how you know its completely about them--when you stop talking and they're unable or unwilling to say anything. But I honestly am not very good at talking about myself mainly because people dont ask stuff about me. Im the kind of person who always asks about things in other people's lives. Its why I actually have many friends including female friends, but no benefits lol. Im pretty sure im decently selfless. I care about other people and ask about their lives, with the exception of this post. I mean tell me about how the conversation in your date went though? Id like to get you perspective because maybe im just full of crap here.

    • Oh no, I completely believe you. A lot of people these days days don't know how to be interested in other people.

      Well by that point we weren't dating anymore we were just friends and I brought it up when I was hanging out at his place. I still think he never really asks about me I just have to tell him on my own and I'm usually the one asking about him, his family, his interests etc. But I think after a quick 'we only talk about you' 'no way, we only talk about YOU!' we laughed and changed the topic.

      Maybe for future dates ask her the generic 'what do you do for work/hobbies' and after she answers stop talking. I feel most women would take the hint and ask about you earlier in the date versus after. You also could just have terrible luck? Haha see how many selfies are on these girls facebook/instagram to make a study on if the higher the selfies the more likely she won't know how to carry on a conversation unless it's about her

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  • I can't answer for the ladies, but I've gone on my share of dates so I can give you a guy perspective of what I've seen and learned over the years. First, girls really do expect you to carry the conversation not because they aren't interested or don't care about you. Quite the opposite. Would I tell you that a lot of the girls are probably even more nervous than you are. They don't really know you and this is a time to not only ask questions about them but talk about yourself too. They already know about themselves, so tell them who they are on a date with and why you matter to them. They want to see the guy take the helm so it's easier for them to open up. This is a lot of first and second dates with girls but after they aren't afraid of saying something stupid, they'll start talking more. You are going out on multiple dates with the same girl, because after the third date, if she's still not talking, then it really means that she is super shy or not interested. But then I can see the confusion, so why go out with you so many times if she's not interested? Some girls don't get asked out a lot so going out can be fun. Other girls really want to get to know you but really don't know what to say. I suggest you ask open ended questions that will get them to talk a little longer and when they finish, don't just say 'that's kool'. Add to the conversation so they feel like it's more than just you talking. They don't want you to do all the talking so you have to help them. Dating is not an exact science and neither are girls. It can be difficult but don't give up. So try that and see where it goes. Hope you have more luck


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  • I don't know, I usually ask a lot of questions so xD maybe it's because you make it seem like you should be the one asking all of the questions? Maybe you're looking in the wrong area?


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