Why do girls like rude boys?

am always nice and honest but I don't get it my friend is rude and think he is all that but he gets girls all the time just for being bad and I don't want to be like him so am still a nice guy but now can I get a girl if am a nice guy to I need to be rude or bad man...


Most Helpful Girl

  • As I said on another answer-

    "Nice boys are boring, they're not thrilling or exciting, they're predictable and... Well NORMAL. You won't have to work for them because they'll want you. Young girls seem to have this complex with they only want what they can't have and nice guys are nice! So when you ask them out they'll love you and pay attention and flatter you. That just makes them seem like submissive pussies who can't hold their own and aren't manly or masculine.

    Bad boys create drama and intrigue, they're mysterious and you have to fight to hold onto them. They're fun to show off, too, that you've got a real man, some one tough who'll fight for you. They're edgy and exciting and they'll always keep you guessing. You can't have them so you want them and you have to work. But having them is a special treat because it proves you're special because you're the one that "tamed" them.

    I don't hold this mindset but that's generally the appeal to immature girls. And yes, any girl who goes for the bad boys is still a girl. Immature, childish and stupid.