What does "bubbly" mean?

If a guy says to a girl he likes she is bubbly is that a good thing? And what does it mean?


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  • hm... what dark hole did you crawl out of that you don't know what bubbly means lol just kidding.

    if a guys says your bubbly general means your a lot of fun to be around , you turn things that may seem mundane and not exciting into things that are. yes most diffently its a good thing . I had a friend in school I was a senior she was a jr.

    she was funny ,good natured and even easy on the eyes in the looks dept. were still friends today. still bubbly and upbeat type individual which is one reason what attracted me to her.

    lol unfortuanatly she was popular and I wasn't so as far as boyfriend/girlfriend thing that never occurred

    yet we were friends

    so take bubbly as a very hi compliment from any guy because we like being around girls with that type of outlook on life.

    if you look at my profile pic that was my senior pic in 1966 I had low self esteem and thought I wasn't or couldn't be good looking or handsome because of my dating life in school (almost non existent so to speak)

    well hope this helped boost your ego some because it really is good your bubbly

    • well thank you so much sir for your help I really appreciate it :)

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  • I know this is out of context and probably doesn't apply here, but whenever a girl describes herself as being 'bubbly' on dating sites, it's generally accepted that this translates to 'fat'.

    As I said, though, out of context.

  • it means you have a high energy playful personality. I once had a Sister In-law I called "her Bubbly Blackness" to kinda slap any idea of awkwardness because of her being black in the face. she loves the nickname.

  • Like bubble from rabies, when girls a are foaming at the mouth.

    LOL no, it's like high energy when she's talking with a lot of people. Friendly, approachable, talkative.

  • Perky and happy. Really cheery. It's a good thing as long as you're not too bubbly.

  • depends on the guys thoughts of it... Me I like that a lot it means I would be happy with your personality but some guys might get aggitated your that way. It depends on his desires of you and he is expressing his like or dislike of you...


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  • If he likes a bubbly personality, then it is a good thing. It means you are energetic and upbeat. I don't know many people that don't like energetic and upbeat people as long as it doesn't veer into the realm of hyper and irritating, lol :)

  • It means you are a very happy person with high energy and that likes to laugh and smile. It is a good thing because a lot of people find it refreshing, attractive and fun to be around. :D

    • thank you for helping me understand the meaning of it, I really appreciate it! :)

    • Yeppers! :)

  • It's a great thing! You're happy, fun to be around, friendly, cute. Bubbly is always a good thing.

  • Bubbly- good energy, spontaneous.

    I personally love bubbly people!

    • thank you for your answer :)

  • bubbly- when someone is always cheerful and full of energy, it's a good thing. now, if someone said it seemed like you had delirium tremens...that would be a different story :p

    • thank you for helping me understand the word :) I really appreciate it!

    • np :)