What does it mean when a guy says, "you're thick?"

A black guy came up to me and said "you're beautiful and thick", did he mean fat? I don't understand, I am not fat.


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  • Thick means you're not thin, nor fat, but you got some yummy meat on you. My friend for example had a flat belly, but she was thick---she had this padded thighs and arms, but is not that she was fat. J-lo could be a good example---she is not fat, and she is not thin, she is thick. Paula Abdul in her younger days was also thick--she was not fat, but kind of muscular, and thus thick. That girl on vh1, New York---she is not thin, she is not fat, but she is deliciously, thick. Many guys love thick girls.

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      J-lo is a great example of a thick girl.