Do shy girls avoid being near or next to guys they are nervous around?

Do shy girls try to avoid being near guys they are nervous around? Do they talk a lot quieter when they talk to guys they are nervous around? Would they not smile when they talk to the guys they are nervous around because they are worried about doing something dumb in front of them? Do they fidget with stuff also when the guy is near them? Shy girls, tell me stuff you would do when you are near or are talking to a guy you like that you are nervous around?


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  • I use to be very shy in high school up until college. When I found a boy that I liked I would do everything in the world to not be noticed. And if I found out a boy liked me that I found attractive I would avoid him at all costs. If I was near him it would be very awkward for me and I wouldn't know what to say. I don't even know how I thought I would ever get a boyfriend. haha As I grew up I began talking to men more. So it is definitely possible for a shy girl to have a crush on someone and act strange or unattainable.


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  • if I like a guy no matter how shy I am I try to be around him no matter what. Even if I don't say anything or take any action, at least I get the satisaction he saw me and I can trigger if possible, some feelings in him to let him know I like him...ill smile and say hi if I can...

    so no, id never avoid being around the guy I like...

  • Sometimes that is very true. But I'd like to mention here as a caution: sometimes girls do that when they're trying to avoid the attention of a guy! I don't know how many times in hs I acted "nervous" around a guy, just because I wasn't interested and they kept hitting on me and making me feel awkward. Often times, I bet they thought I was interested in them because of the way I acted!

    This usually isn't the case, and what you're saying is very true, but I just wanted to voice a caution. :)

  • oh I forgot...sometimes I go through phases where I completely ignore him and won't even look at him, especially if I think I look like shit or if I'm just having a bad day

  • Coming from a very shy girl. I get very nervous around guys I like. I might not say much so that I don't sound stupid around them. But, I do get giggly and tend to smile a lot making it obvious that I like that person. I wouldn't say I would avoid being near someone I liked because I was nervous, if you like someone you try to be near them. Deffinately fidget a lot and may avoid making eye contact. But that's just me... everyones different.

  • All those behavior you listed describes me to a T! I am having a major crush on this guy at work and started avoiding him and literally running away in the opposite direction after not being able to handle feeling extreme nervousness around him anymore. I would tap my foot whenever he is around and force myself to consciously stop it. If I am forced into close proximity to him and can't beat a hasty retreat, I become very still. The first time he came up to me and spoke to me I ran away because he was so cute and my mind turned to jelly. It is so embarrassing to act like this. We are not playing hard to get. It's our shyness driving our behavior. If you like a shy girl you must be patient and persistent. Don't give up if you are sure she is attracted to you.

  • I'm very nervous around guys I do tend to be quite because I'm afraid ill say something stupid and look bad to guys. I also do fidget a lot because I'm not sure what to do. I tend to be really quite because I take a while to decide what would be okay and what wouldn't.

  • yes, all the time. I'm extremely shy and I avoid most guys even if I know they are intereseted. right now there's this guy at my school that I really like and I go out of my way to avoid running in to him between classes. when I do accidentally run into him, we both smile and make eye contact, but I usually walk past him really fast and act like I'm late for class or need to be somewhere so I don't have to talk to him. when I do talk to him I'm very fidgety but I always try to smile and make eye contact. Hope that helped.

    • You sound like a shy girl at my college who does what your describing.. can you answer my question?

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