Is it somewhat true that shy girls can't look into the eyes of guys they like? (read details)

questions speaks for itself. is it true that shy girls can't look into the eyes of guys they like? are there some that are only able to look into the eyes of the guys they like for like a second or two before they look down (do they do this even while they are talking to the guy they like)?


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  • It's basically true. I am this way. I'm only shy around guys I like, but not around people in general and it can be really hard to hold eye contact with a guy you like. I usually avoid his eyes because it makes me too nervous and uncomfortable. When I'm close to the guy I like I get too nervous to look him in the eye, but when I am on the other side of the room I generally try to hold eye contact as much as possible which is usually 2-4 seconds. Also, if I look the guy I like in the eyes, I blush and it totally gives me away and sometimes if we are not sure that the guy likes us back, we don't want them to know that we like them because of fear of rejection.

    The thing is that girls don't want to look stupid and if there is a chance that the guy we like isn't interested, it would make us feel stupid to hold eye contact. Once we are basically sure that the guy we like may like us back, we start holding eye contact a little longer. If the guy initiates the eye contact, I get more comfortable and reassured that he may actually like me and so I will hold it back.

    The thing about shy girls like this is that if she likes you, she will make some sort of an effort to show you. She may TRY to hold eye contact or ATTEMPT to flirt with you. If she is making some sort of attempt, failed or not at trying to show you she's interested, she most likely likes you. If she is not even trying to hold eye contact or anything, she may not be interested or just be really really shy. I am shy around guys I like, but I always make some sort of attempt to let him know I'm interested.


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  • When I was younger, I used to be pretty shy. When someone is shy, making eye contact with anyone you're not close to is pretty difficult. Especially holding eye contact during a conversation when you're nervous to be around someone. The person would look away a lot. I'm not shy anymore, but occasionally I feel intimidated by someone and that makes eye contact uncomfortable for me because my face is pretty much an open book to my emotions. Though usually I force myself to suppress the unpleasant feelings and look them in the eye anyway.

    So yes, a shy girl would most definitely have an issue making eye contact with a guy she likes because she's nervous and feels like looking at him directly will let him see exactly how she feels, etc. But a girl not making eye contact with you doesn't necessarily mean she likes you either. She may just be shy in general. I saw you mention something about giggling when she talks to you. That's probably a nervous habit. She giggles when she says something because she's nervous about how you might react to it. Giving something a joking overtone usually softens any weirdness. Does she exhibit any other signs that she might be interested? Does she fidget a lot or look everywhere BUT you, or play with her hair or the hem of her clothes?

  • alll true! I suck at eye contact

  • yes it's true. I am shy and I can't hold eye contact for a long tim ebecause I would feel nervous

  • I definitely find it VERY difficult to look into the eyes of the guy I like. But I'll force myself to do it, if only for a second or two. And it's very obvious that I like him if I do this. I only do it when I'm talking to him too. I'll look down with my head tilted slightly to one side, look up at him for a second or two and look back down with a smile, which generally quickly disappears and I go on to fidget.

    If you pay close enough attention, it's PAINFULLY obvious that I like the guy I'm talking to. And that's generally true of most girls.

  • Hey, I was gonna post a question about this too!

    Yeah, I can't seem to look a guy in the eyes for more than a few seconds.

    Sometimes I try to force myself to do it...but

    It doesn't even have to be a guy I like, it could just be a hot guy, or just any guy with nice eyes. Usually blue eyes because mine are dark brown.

    But I'm sure some shy girls can look into the eyes of the guy they like. .

    • Really! You were going to post the same question? Wow!

  • I am really shy, and I cannot. I'll glance away and then look back a few seconds later and then quickly look away.

    Even with boyfriends in the beginging of the relationship, I get really shy and cannot stare straight into their eyes for awhile.

  • It's true for some shy girls but I am really shy but can still make eye contact (for quite a long time) with the guy I like. It's really weird because you'd think a shy person can't do that but that is one thing that I can do quite confidently-look into a guys eyes for more than a couple of seconds. I can't do that though if he is with someone else because then I get really shy and embarassed.

  • Yeah, it happens. But unfortunitly it's not a sure sign since some girls can't keep eye contact with anybody. But if that's the case then you'll know she likes you when she looks you in the eyes longer then she does with everyone else.

  • Sometimes. I often try to hold eye contact but it never lasts more than 3 seconds before I look away again. I would fidget and act like I'm looking for someone while my crush would talk to me. I guess I would look like I'm uninterested and trying to escape talking to him but I actually would have this huge crush

  • It is true. Well, for me at least! I'm extremely shy and if I look into the guy I like or think is cute I can only look into his eyes for a few seconds then I get all dGDHFGdfg and look away.

  • Ahaha yes it's sooo true, I can only look at them for like 3 seconds then I start to blush and look away haha.

  • Ahah well me being shy, I do look at the guy I like when talking to him, not always in the eye..sometimes though I will for maybe a few seconds. I think it's kind of a mutual thing for shy girls/guys.

  • I know from personal experience that it was true for me when I was a lot shyer. It's just that the guy is intiminating, and I've felt like I was never good enough for those guys I've liked.

  • omg haha! like, a few days ago I was over at my crushes house (cus I was hanging with his sister) and every time he was talking to her or me I swear I didn't even look at this face the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME I WAS THERE! lol I don't even remember what he was wearing...

  • I do it kills me every time. I can carry on a whole conversion with guys I dong it kinda sucks I don't know how to kick it

  • Staring into his eyes could be so exhausting because it requires facing too much of energy from him.

    Secondly, I fear it may reveal my hidden feelings for him. And if I blush than its a dead giveaway.

    So, look away and avoid all above.

    Simple !


  • Hahahaha. I just posted a question about this...

    I can't look into a guys eyes when I REALLY like them.

    On the other hand. There is this guy that stocks me

    at school


    I don't want to look him in the eyes because

    its scary... ^_^

    • Would you ever say hi to this stalker?

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    • Ok...this is somewhat good cause I thought I was annoying this one girl at my school. This shy gal seems to avoid me...I think (when I'm in front of her, she walks real slow but when I'm behind her she walks really quick). I thought that maybe she doesn't want me to talk to her but the thing is SHE has been saying hi to me (hence why I asked you would you say hi to somebody who annoys you) for some time now so I don't know why she avoids me.

    • I also don't think she hates me because she tends to giggle whenever SHE says something to me while I talk to her (yes, I try to talk to her even though I think she is trying to avoid me). I have seen her giggle while she talks to her friends (all girls except one guy who only hangs with girls) but I find she giggles a lot more often when SHE (not me) says something to me while I talk to her than when she does with her friends. what is your take on this?

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  • I always look at a girl's eyes when talking, but I'll change my sight to her eye brows or in between her eyes after a few seconds of eye contact; looking constantly at a girl can be intimidating. If I'm interested in a girl I'll hold eye to eye contact for longer, sometimes I'll hold it until the girl stops. I'll always smile before giving eye contact and hold the smile for a second during eye contact. I'm sure the last thing a girl wants is constant eye contact with a blank/serious expression!

    Eye contact is powerful but should be fun to use.

  • To tell you the truth I haven't met a girl that won't look me in the eyes, and even if I did and she was looking at the ground or something, I would have said hey are you listening to me, I am talking to you hello. I always look a girl in the eyes eye contact is powerful stuff man it can be intimidating at times depending on who your looking at, I know most guys won't look a girl in the eyes but don't do that shows weakness always keep good eye contact.

  • hey I'm achually a shy guy and wen I'm talking to a girl I like or a girl tahts hot, ill look down and look back and its hard to keep eye contact.

    Hey girls you think if a guy does that do you know if he likes you or is into u?

  • Sadly I've found that most shy girls have issues with eye contact with any guy.