Mexican friend calls me nina. What does that mean?

I tried looking up nina and got a bunch of different meanings. What does nina mean to a mexican/in spanish? Sorry for the ignorant question.


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  • nina-(neenya)/(nina)=girl or little girl

    nino-(neenyo)/(nino)=boy or little boy

    dont worry your question wasnt ignorant

    i mean I was walking down my street this one

    day and all these spanish men kept on calling me

    gochina and they all stared and waved and smiled

    at me and whistled. I thought it was a compliment and

    waved back and interacted with them. until I went to

    school and learned about "Bayos des Gochino)

    which is also The Bay of Pigs. I was angry

    but a few days later laughed it off.

    anywhoo yeah sorry about my

    little story. that is the def. of

    your question.

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      Uhmmm... I'd say they weren't "spanish" men... cause "gochina" in spanish is not a word, its probably portuguese...