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Mexican friend calls me nina. What does that mean?

I tried looking up nina and got a bunch of different meanings. What does nina mean to a mexican/in spanish? Sorry for the ignorant question.

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  • nina-(neenya)/(nina)=girl or little girlnino-(neenyo)/(nino)=boy or little boydont worry your question wasnt ignoranti mean I was walking down my street this oneday and all these spanish men kept on calling megochina and they all stared and waved and smiled at me and whistled. I thought it was a compliment and waved back and interacted with them. until I went to school and learned about "Bayos des Gochino)which is also The Bay of Pigs. I was angrybut a few days later laughed it off.anywhoo yeah sorry about my little story. that is the def. of your question.

    • Uhmmm... I'd say they weren't "spanish" men... cause "gochina" in spanish is not a word, its probably portuguese...

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  • It means 'young girl' literally translated. It can also be used flirtatiously however this is rare. 'Nino' means boy, referring to a boy in a parental or authoritative way for comparison.

  • Nina is short for madrina and if it was Niña it means girl.

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  • if you mean niña, to spanish speaking people it means little girl. If he calls you like that it's like a cute name to tell you, he cares about you and maybe wants something more than just friends...

    • Thanks! Unfortunately the guy I like is his cousin, who calls me his mellow.

  • pronounced nin-ya...means little girl

  • Nina = girl. Nino = boy.

  • Does he pronounce it neenah or neenyah? If it's the first, it's just a nickname. If it's the second, it means girl :)

  • I couldn't help but answer this even though it was asked forever ago. Especially if it's a romantic friend or a friend who is protective over you maybe, it's possible he's called you Nena (Nay-Nuh), which is like saying Baby - not like an infant but it's an affectionate term rather than "niña" which is more like saying 'hey girl.' The other answers are probably what you were looking for but thought I might bring it up.

  • It's either ninya (neen-ya) or nena (ne-na). Ninya, means girl. Nena also means girl, kinda like saying chick.

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