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I always get self conscious when I'm wearing shorts?

I'm in shape and other than some marks on my knee's from falling a lot as a kid nothing is wrong with my legs, but I always get really self conscious... Show More

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  • Wear shorts...if I can't be there to see your legs...then I will at least put in a plug for the guys that can...Wear Shorts!...(:

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  • In the cooler months, wear tights or leggings with the shorts. You're covered, but still looking shapely, right?

    For the summer, you just have to risk it. Thik how much better you look that and a lot of other girls who are out there in shorts when really, they shouldn't be!

  • wear it a few times and you ill get used to it

  • The best thing I can say is. Just wear some short's and eventually you'll become comfortable.

  • some marks on your knee wouldn't bother me

  • If your in shape you should on be self conscious you most likely have great legs. (I only used most likely because I have never seen them)

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  • I am self conscious about wearing shorts too, because I have a scar on my leg from when I was younger (stupid thorn bush lol), but I'm starting to not worry too much.

    Like others have said, just start wearing them, and then soon you will forget you have a scar :)

  • I agree with the others. You're young...wear them now while you have more leeway to do that. For me, I used to wear pants or longer shorts at the gym, but I gradually began to wear shorter shorts. And I got used to it. So now it's normal to me. Of course, you want to be decent, but there's nothing wrong with wearing shorts...

  • Well maybe the heat and the idea of skinny jeans in summer will be the pushing factor to you dawning some shorts which you'd probably keep up because of frustration and just grow a bit thick skinned to your self conciousness! It worked for me. When I look back I kinda just think *?!* It's probably better to go for logical reasoning over making yourself feel better, I think that'll just come naturally after you do it for awhile, you start to care less about it. People really don't want to be going around critiquing peoples looks, especially singling out their legs! ;)

    Or you can try looking at it in a fashion sense, try to find something you love about shorts and incorporate it into your ouft*ts! :) Make a goal out of it?

  • Try and piece together a really nice outfit, eg a nice T shirt or top, nice sandals or pumps and see how it works with the shorts. I think the confidence will change when you feel and look good with what you are wearing. I hated shorts at first because I thought it didn't look nice on me although I have the right figure for it and legs. But I was very self conscious about it, I worked on accessories, tops, shoes and hair styles that would compliment my overall appearance and it did help - I became more confident and less self conscious.

    Hope this helps.

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