Guy keeps staring at me in class but he says he likes someone else?

So Im in math class and there's this guy who really likes this other girl in our class (shes always rejecting him but he's constantly asking her out, joking with her, telling her she's beautiful, defending her if someone makes fun of her even a *little* bit, etc.) but sometimes I notice him staring at me? Its not every class period but very often I find him staring at me. At the beginning of the year I used to think he was just spacing out (hes a football player, very popular, and Im well... not lol so I didn't think he could be staring at me) but we've switched seats multiple times and no matter where we move he's always staring at me.

The girl he likes is nothing like me, she's very popular and outgoing while Im very quiet and not quite popular or unpopular. she's always dressed very stylishly while Im just wearing whatever's comfortable lol. So we're clearly very different people, yet I notice him staring at me out of the corner of my eye sometimes? Once I looked over at him to see if he was actually staring at me or if he was just staring in my general direction and we made eye contact, so he was definitely staring at me. Im really shy though so I got embarassed and looked away a couple seconds later.

TL;DR: there's a guy in my class who clearly likes this other girl whos more his type and is very popular, yet he stares at me quite often, even though Im nothing like the other girl. He's not shy, so if he likes me he would have no problem telling me right?

After all that my question is this: why is he staring at me? If its cuz he likes me then why is he always clinging to the other girl in our class? If he doesn't like me then why is he staring at me? Also is there any way to get him to stop? It makes me really self-conscious haha...


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  • He probably finds you attractive, he can like someone and still find someone attractive

    • Do you know how I could get him to stop staring at me? It makes me really self-conscious 😳

    • Tell him that you don't appreciate it

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What Guys Said 1

  • He might be looking for other options I know I dont like the girls who dress like its the prom everyday and are cheer leaders or things like that but I like the girls who dont stand out

    • Thanks for the response! But he keeps talking to the other girl? And he never speaks to me. Im just confused cuz he seems to really like the other girl, and not like me, but then I find him staring at me in class?

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  • he's probably thinking the same thing your thinking and you must like him too since your so concerned. He seems like a nice guy try talking to him so things wouldn't be so awkward😄

    • He never talks to me though? I mean if he talked to me I could see him liking me as a possibility, but he never seems to notice me unless we're in class and he's staring at me😓 Im also very shy and he's very popular so he's kind of intimidating for me to talk to 😅

  • I get where you're coming from. It has happened to me too but sadly he was a player and that was his thing. If you really want him to stop you're going to have to put those big girl pants that we know we all have them somewhere 😄And just be like can I help you with something? Get a little attitude but don't go overboard


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