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Locking eyes - Does it mean anything?

Generally what does it mean, if anything? I was walking down the hallway and I made eye contact with a very attractive female. We held if from a... Show More

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  • "Locking eyes" is the Romantic's term for "staring intensely" or "losing yourself" while staring into another person's eyes. It indicates that you've been captured by the person's stare and are having a hard time looking away. It's a sign that you're into the person -- and that they're into you.

    In business meetings it's a sign that the other person is trying to read/intimidate you. In romance it's a sign that the person is trying to read or understand something about you. In both cases they're often looking for a "tell" of what you'll allow...and what they can get away with, lol.

    She's into you. The fact that you look looked back at her tells you that you liked the attention, though it made you uncomfortable at first. Something like that happened to me once and I'd look down at my hands or his tie, but when I looked back up he'd still be staring, sort of grinning, stoking the flames with his eyes. ;-)

    Enjoy the moment for what it is. It doesn't necessarily have to amount to anything.

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  • Does this song sound good to what happened to you?

    Yes, she caught my eye,

    as we walked on by.

    she could see from my face that I was,

    f***ing high, And I don't think that I'll see her again,

    but we shared a moment that will last till the end.

    You're beautiful! - James Blunt. ;)

    That feels so good!

  • Either they're looking because you're full on looking or they like looking at you because you look good. :)

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  • Yes it does mean something I done correctly. Many men whimp out when thy make eye contact with a girl, it scares them. For women, if you're a man and you make eye contact with her and you hold it, it shows confidence. Eye contact is exceptionally powerful when done correctly. If she holds it and doesn't look away, she's interested. I always tell guys to make it a habit not to look away, as uncomfortable as it may feel. Locking eyes with a woman and you two staring at each other deeply is very powerful. Beware of the stalker/creeper look if your a guy though haha.

    • How do you stare while avoid being creepy?

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    • you two. There is tremendous power in locking eyes with someone and its a feeling which is difficult to describe but why so many guys look away immediately and don't have the confidence to hold eye contact. Hope that helped haha.

    • Thank you!

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