Why does the other woman always hate the wife or girlfriend?

my friend is the other woman, her dumb ass doesn't like the girlfriend for no reason at all, she choose to f*** with a man who is already taken claiming she's in love, he was her first. I think its because she wants what she has. I told her the girlfriend she be in both you and the baby daddy's... Show More

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  • i'm not defending her but it's hard when you really love someone. people are weak and they get blinded. you can't see things or feel things the way other people do. you should stop worrying so much and mind your own business.

    anyway I think the other woman hates the wife or girlfriend because she is jealous that they are the "real one", I don't blame them, never happened to me but I can understand it.

    though when you think about it there isn't anything to be jealous of, they are the bigger fool when the man they are in a "title" with is cheating around

    • Yea I understand that when she brings that up I won't give her advice that's on her.